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Manned Spacecraft Design Principles Manned Spacecraft Design Principles presents readers with a brief, to the point primer that includes a detailed introduction to the information required at the preliminary design stage of a manned space transportation system In the process of developing the preliminary design, the book covers content not often discussed in a standard aerospace curriculum, including atmospheric entry dynamics, space launch dynamics, hypersonic flow fields, hypersonic heat transfer, and skin friction, along with the economic aspects of space flight Key concepts relating to human factors and crew support systems are also included, providing users with a comprehensive guide on how to make informed choices from an array of competing options The text can be used in conjunction with Pasquale Sforza s, Commercial Aircraft Design Principles to form a complete course in Aircraft Spacecraft Design

3 thoughts on “Manned Spacecraft Design Principles

  1. David M. A. Hollaway David M. A. Hollaway says:

    I m a NASA human systems integrator working on intelligence and automation for human spaceflight This is an excellent reference if you re a rocket scientist literally About three quarters of the book is dedicated to the design of aerospace vehicles for any mission example there s a whole chapter on hypersonic aerodynamics Only about two and a half chapters are roughly devoted to human spaceflight app

  2. kiarash alavi kiarash alavi says:

    If you are Aerospace Engineer, I would definitely suggest to buy this book It s a must have book for space vehicles Very good illustrations and graphs for reentry capsules Also some what detailed analysis over rockets as well.

  3. adam gilmour adam gilmour says:

    fantastic book full of the best amount of info you can get really worth the read.

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