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Language Assessment: Principles and Classroom Practices (2nd Edition) Language Assessmentprovides teachers with a clear presentation of the essentials for assessing second language learning fairly and effectively This updated second edition includes new research andinformation on standardized tests, a new chapter on form focused assessment, and a concise glossary of termsWith a focus on the most common pedagogical challenge classroom based assessmentLanguage Assessmentdelivers useful tools for evaluating and designing practical, effective assessment techniquesFeaturesUpdated references and new information reflecting recent advances and current challenges in the field Classification of assessment techniques ranging from controlled to open ended item types ona specified continuum of micro and macroskills of language Systematic treatment of assessment for all four language skills reading, writing, speaking, and listening as well as grammar and vocabulary Discussion of large scale standardized tests, the ethics of testing, letter grading, and overallevaluation of student performance Comprehensive presentation of alternatives in assessment, such as portfolios, journals, conferences, observations, interviews, and self or peer assessment

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