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Journey's End Hailed by George Bernard Shaw as useful corrective to the romantic conception of war , RC Sherriff s Journey s End is an unflinching vision of life in the trenches towards the end of the First World War, published in Penguin ClassicsSet in the First World War, Journey s End concerns a group of British officers on the front line and opens in a dugout in the trenches in France Raleigh, a new eighteen year old officer fresh out of English public school, joins the besieged company of his friend and cricketing hero Stanhope, and finds him dramatically changed Laurence Olivier starred as Stanhope in the first performance of Journey s End inthe play was an instant stage success and remains a remarkable anti war classicRC Sherriff joined the army shortly after the outbreak of the First World War, serving as a captain in the East Surrey regiment After the war, an interest in amateur theatricals led him to try his hand at writing Following rejection by many theatre managements, Journey s End was given a single performance by the Incorporated Stage Society, in which Lawrence Olivier took the lead role The play s enormous success enabled Sherriff to become a full time writer, with plays such as Badger s Green , St Helena, and The Long Sunset though he is also remembered as a screenplay writer, for films such as The Invisible Man, Goodbye Mr Chipsand The Dam BustersIf you enjoyed Journey s End, you might like Robert Graves s Goodbye to All That, available in Penguin Modern Classics Its unrelenting tension, and its regard for human decency in a vast world of human waste, are impressive and, even now, moving Clive Barnes

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Is a well known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Journey's End book, this is one of the most wanted R C Sherriff author readers around the world.

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  1. M. Dowden M. Dowden says:

    Robert Cedric Sherriff certainly hits the spot with this, which was his play, based on his experiences in the First World War Initially only shown for a performance in December 1928, after numerous others didn t want to perform it, so Laurence Olivier starred, and it was directed by James Whale It then

  2. R T Twinem R T Twinem says:

    A modern movie of Journey s End has just been released in the UK and I was recently privileged to view, quite frankly I was astounded by what I saw, so moved by this sober and thoughtful interpretation that I decided to acquire and read the original dramatic play published in 1928 by R C Sherriff who based his

  3. DN PERKS DN PERKS says:

    Its easy to see Journey s End as something of a relic a sort of 12 angry men in a trench with a lot of whiskey sodden talk from mainly upper class characters that provided ample and poignant source material for something like Blackadder Goes Forth, whilst also underpinning the lions led by donkeys school of WW1 Histor

  4. Ninaminacat Ninaminacat says:

    So strong is the characterisation in this play, that in the space of just 95 pages, I felt that I knew Stanhope and his officers personally It gives a startlingly good impression of life in the trenches with the contrast between periods of foreboding quiet and frenetic activity, but for me its particular strength is its explo

  5. Tasha Tasha says:

    I needed this book for my English Lit A level spec, and actually loved reading it like a novel Would recommend to anyone not just those who need to study this text Portrays the reality of WW1, from the knowledge of a writer who fought in it.

  6. T. R. Wantling T. R. Wantling says:

    A cultural, historic and social document that plays an important part in perceiving the Great War and impacts on men in the conflict embeded know as Trench warfare Pressures of rank, status, standing and duty Today we are aware of the condition of psychology and counselling.nature and nurture, but in those days you were either a man or a man

  7. Bluecashmere. Bluecashmere. says:

    It is extraordinary that this play, which incorporates so much of the boys public school, stiff upper lip morality, that would on the surface seem to date it, still exerts, both in the reading and on the stage, a powerful hold on us The characters are not subtle Trotter is the typical, jokey, working class officer, Raleigh the brave but na ve hero w

  8. Kindle Customer Kindle Customer says:

    This is a play script It has been well reviewed by people better qualified than I It lives up to expectations but is probably out shone now by modern examples of the genre, for example Birdsong Despite its age, it still horrifies and saddens with its bleak description of the human cost of fighting a war.

  9. Kavalier Ken Kavalier Ken says:

    Excellent all round It made me want to read plays I really felt as if I was down there in the dugout with the lads But importantly the story was so both uplifting and poignant that by the end I felt like crying for both Stanhope and Raleigh for different reasons A remarkable story, extremely well written.

  10. AnOn. AnOn. says:

    A really excellent play well written and, I believe, very accurate in it s description of trench life during WW1 The mainly young officers fresh from school and the older Osborne are all highly credible characters thrown into the front line battling not only the enemy but also their own stress demons.I will certainly be rereading this play and have no hesitation in awardin

  11. Kindle Customer Kindle Customer says:

    Random text inserted in comment to fill because I lazy but the play is good and I do recommend it

  12. whiskers whiskers says:

    This play was chosen by a member of our book club for the November meeting All enjoyed it very much Needs to be read together with all the stage directions to get the full impact.

  13. P. Fairhurst P. Fairhurst says:

    The message of this play, a bold piece of drama for the time in which it was written, is still relevant and powerful today The plot is very easy to follow, and it is the themes and ideas that draw the reader in, such as the moral dilemma of commanders who know that the war is unjustified and that their own leaders are stupid and incompetent, yet feel duty or honour bound to follow the rules of wa

  14. H O'Reilley H O'Reilley says:

    This short play set in the trenches during the first world war was so popular when it went on stage in the 1920s it became an overnight sensation But now we recognise it as the basis for Black Adder Goes Forth The play, which is easy to read as a book, captures the authentic feeling of the trenches, miniaturising English society structures of the time, including men of all types put together in one dugou

  15. Neil Clarkn Neil Clarkn says:

    Wonderful and moving account of how officers managed themselves before imminent death It also provides an account of Edwardian heroism Sparse but concise.

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