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City Power: Urban Governance in a Global Age Reigning theories of urban power suggest that in a world dominated by footloose transnational capital, cities have little capacity to effect social change In City Power, Richard C Schragger challenges the existing assumptions, arguing that cities can govern, but only if we let them In the past decade, city leaders across the country have raised the minimum wage, expanded social services, and engaged in social welfare redistribution These cities have not suffered capital flight In fact, many are experiencing an economic renaissance Schragger argues that city policies are not limited by the demands of mobile capital, but instead by constitutional restraints serving the interests of state and federal officials Maintaining weak cities is a political choice In this new era of global capital, the power of cities is relevant to citizen well being than ever before A dynamic vision of city politics for our new urban age, City Power reveals how cities can govern despite these constitutional limits and why we should want them to

5 thoughts on “City Power: Urban Governance in a Global Age

  1. Customer Customer says:

    Perfect condition.

  2. Richard Bolan Richard Bolan says:

    This is one the best books I ve ever read pertaining to local government It provides an excellent history of American local government and a first rate accounting of the laws and powers of local government vis vis state and federal government I think every student of public management or public planning who sees a career working for cities and urban areas should read this book My career

  3. David Wetzel David Wetzel says:

    This is a very interesting, well researched book Rich does a great job assessing different views about how city policies can and do impact the economy from a legal, political, and historical perspective He debunks several widely held myths regarding cause and effect of city policies through thoughtful analysis and many case studies Highly recommended for anyone who wants to learn about t

  4. ChrisG ChrisG says:

    An insightful and engaging book As a local government attorney it makes me hopeful that at least some localities can make meaningful strides in supporting the social welfare of their citizens and environment Particularly timely given current intransigence in federal and state governmentA resurgence of hope where that is rare currency.The author is engaging both in print and in person In pa

  5. William Tucker William Tucker says:

    Excellent comprehensive look at contemporary urban legal issues Dense, but worth it.

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