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Economics of the Welfare State The fifth edition of this successful textbook discusses the different parts of the welfare system, in particular, cash benefits, health care and education The text argues that the welfare state does not exist only to help the underprivileged, but also for reasons of efficiency, in areas where private markets would be inefficient or would not exist at all Suitable for economics students and for students on related disciplines such as social policy and political economy, this book is accessible and contains a non technical appendix to each of the theory chapters, diagrams, additional readings, worked examples and end of chapter discussions Online Resource Centre For students Web links Further reading Links to related Oxford Scholarship Online titles For lecturers PowerPoint slides these have been expanded for the fifth edition

4 thoughts on “Economics of the Welfare State

  1. Dave M Dave M says:

    As a BSocSc student I found this book to be a very valuable when looking to get a grasp of how economics relates to social policy

  2. hapless reader hapless reader says:

    Useful and comprehensive set out of much theory, though slight prejudice on student fees Good use of data Would recommend

  3. Martijntje van den Berge Martijntje van den Berge says:

    the book is being used for studies of Economics in the Netherlands it serves its purpose.

  4. Alex Gontmakher Alex Gontmakher Alex Gontmakher Alex Gontmakher says:

    The authors show that there is no clear case for the welfare state, well Then tell that it is still good for social cohesion because inequality is reduced.The authors would be advised to try live in the Soviet Union, North Korea, Venezuela, or at least

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