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Out of Iraq: Refugees' Stories in Words, Paintings, and Music This is an important book It gives us all a better understanding of the lives of refugees and, with that, a better understanding of the world in general UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador, Angelina JoliePublished in association with the UNHCR, Out of Iraq tells a powerful and emotional story, giving the reader a personal perspective on the Iraqi conflict and the plight of Iraqi refugees Since , hundreds of thousands of Iraqi refugees have fled to other countries particularly neighbouring Syria and Jordan where many of them are still waiting for the time when they feel it is safe to return home In Out of Iraq they explain, in words and pictures, what life was like in Iraq before they left, why they were forced to flee, and how they feel about life as a refugee This book is a patchwork of accounts, paintings, recent historical events and photographs that leave the readers in a position to form their own opinions Any discussion on war is going to be subjective Sybella Wilkes has tried in this book to give the subject back to the Iraqis, who she believes are the best people to communicate about their lives and their country For every copy of Out of Iraq sold, Evans Publishing is making a donation to support the UNHCR s Financial Assistance Programme in Syria for Iraqi Refugees

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