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DKfindout! Stone Age Highly recommend this book above others, the images and information are clear and concise Had heard loads of very positive feedback from others before buying it myself well worth the money Very interesting content that brings in over 2 million years of human history to an understandable level for both children and adults not many books can claim that Very impressed by how DK have presented the way tools were made in prehistory especially. Excellent Another good choice for my seven year old grand daughter Earning her full marks for her writing and reference skills in class Pact full of information on all aspects of the Stone Age It was a brilliant starting point for information. Just right for a school project at younger years up to date and attractive for kids Easy for grandson to read and understand He took it into school as it was their class project, the teacher loved it. Good basic studies book for kids Great fact book. Find out how early humans hunted a woolly mammoth, made fire, and created cave paintings in this fascinating book for children about the Stone Age For any kid who can t get enough of Stone Age facts, DKfindout Stone Age is packed with up to date information, fun quizzes, and incredible images of every aspect of Stone Age life Discover what Stone Age people wore, sample some of their favorite foods, and read about the history of wolves Look inside the Stone Age, and learn all about the Iron Age, Bronze Age, and the Ice Ages, too All the information is broken down into bite sized chunks, and the colorful illustrations bring history to life The perfect books for children aged, the DKfindout series contains beautiful photography, lively illustrations, and key curriculum information It will satisfy any child who is eager to learn and acquire facts and keep them coming back for Fabulous fact filled book very engaging Bought to compliment school books Year 3 are doing Stone Age this coming year We will now be ahead of the class

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