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Selling a Screenplay: The Screenwriter's Guide to Hollywood Breaks Down the Business of Screenwriting Explains What the Buyer Looks For Shows You What to Do to Get in the Door Tackles the Pitching Process Provides Personal Insights from Famous Screenwriters Everybody has a story to tell Everybody wants to write the great American screenplay But what do you do after its written How do you sell it Studio honchos Development Executives Independent Producers What do they want Do you need an agent or manager to get it into production Selling a screenplay can mean earning , or , so competition is fierce Syd Field gives you an insiders look at the movie and TV industry, packed with essential tips from the pros Selling a Screenplay is a must have guide for every screenwriter, filled with frank real life advice from Hollywoods most powerful deal makers and most celebrated screenwriters They all started somewhere

About the Author: Syd Field

Is a well known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Selling a Screenplay: The Screenwriter's Guide to Hollywood book, this is one of the most wanted Syd Field author readers around the world.

15 thoughts on “Selling a Screenplay: The Screenwriter's Guide to Hollywood

  1. Alek Sander Alek Sander says:

    All is great Thank you

  2. Johnny B Johnny B says:


  3. Procrastinating Pete Procrastinating Pete says:

    As a comedy genius I find writing funny films very very easy Anybody who has ever read one of my films love my dialogue and my natural comic ability, however apart from being a floating comma user the only other thing I struggle with is being a salesman This book makes it simple as to what you need to do to get that screen

  4. E. M. Hobo E. M. Hobo says:

    Don t get me wrong, this was a hell of a lot of fun reading it, and everything that s in there is actually true But what it teaches you, is that Hollywood is really just a business and there s no surefire way of selling your screenplay.If you want a proper guide on how to sell something, buy Robert W Bly s book The Copywriting Ha

  5. Alyssa A. Lappen Alyssa A. Lappen says:

    We bought this for our daughter when she was interested in drama and participating very successfully in her high school dramatic forensics team As to any useful information about how to market a play, however, well, there wasn t any to speak of She had fun reading it, but didn t learn anything of note.

  6. George Walther George Walther says:

    Selling a screenplay doesn t deliver on its title and is quite dated While the content is a fairly interesting read, Syd is mostly name dropping and telling his own personal stories of how he got to work on various projects He s fond of telling us what restaurant he met various big shots in, but really does not deliver any how to information.T

  7. Irma G. Briggs Irma G. Briggs says:

    I think for this book the title The Screenwriter s Guide to Hollywood is OK.But, Selling a Screenplay ought to be omitted.The book is great as far as getting a clear idea of how long it takes before a screenplay finally makes it on the screen It does not address the expectation of the novice screenwriter of what to do after the screenplay is finished

  8. storyacademy storyacademy says:

    He is just the best very insightful and it s a great support the Master s voice

  9. Carolyn Kingsley Carolyn Kingsley says:

    Syd Field s advice, as always, is excellent.I certainly intend to follow his suggestions, when the time arrives to promote my screenplay All of his textbooks are intensely readable, which says alot for his writing skills The dishes pile up, the bed doesn t get made, because I can t put the damn thing down Nough said

  10. Darlene Torday Darlene Torday says:

    I wanted to see how you change a book into a screenplay and this book has been helpful I did not realize how different a screenplay was from writing a novel.

  11. Mrs. Robert Kendall Mrs. Robert Kendall says:

    Syd gives a great over view on screenwriting Book is just like his course It is a beginning, and he has been regarded as the standard of screenwriting.

  12. S. R. Roush S. R. Roush says:

    Great read I read it twice and enjoyed it much I learned a lot from this book Not too elaborate on technicalities of screenwriting, but good all the same.

  13. Kimberly Love Kimberly Love says:

    Such an informative book Always a great instructor Love his books.

  14. chris viescas chris viescas says:

    He so wants to be a writer but has not professional training I try to help but nothing I do helps

  15. Chele Reamey Chele Reamey says:

    This is a concise straight forward guide to everything from packaging your screenplay to getting and dealing with Agents I have read so many books on this subject, but this one was well worth it.

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