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Knights and Armor Coloring Book (Dover Fashion Coloring Book) You can recapture the excitement of yesteryear s noblest battles with this remarkable pageant of dauntless knights and armor, in coloring book form Defend the Empire with an authentic Roman legionary, or hold back the fierce Mongol hordes with a dashing Russian chieftain Meet celebrated leaders such as Richard the Lion Hearted and Henry VIII, meticulously costumed and detailed More thandramatic plates specially designed for you to color portray the wide range of protective armor in use in Europe from about ADtoThe attire of Vikings, Crusaders, Italian condottieri, Spanish foot soldiers and royal jousters all appear in precise, historically accurate line drawings that convey the splendor of chivalry and detail the accoutrements of war Each plate is accompanied by clear explanatory captions in addition, a useful glossary of unfamiliar terms and a thoroughly researched introduction offer historical background andto bring each warrior to life Twelve full color illustrations on the covers enable you to reproduce each striking suit of armor in authentic huesHistory buffs, military enthusiasts, children and colorists of all ages will revel in this stunning collection of valorous paladins

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