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Satire Critical introductions to a range of literary topics and genres The purpose of satire is to expose human hypocrisy, vice and folly, and because these aspects of human behaviour are not particular to any one historical period, satires can be understood by readers at any moment in time This book explores the social and political circumstances to deepen that understanding Text extracts are included from Jonathan Swift, Alexander Pope, Lord Byron, EE Cummings and Evelyn Waugh

4 thoughts on “Satire

  1. Eve Eve says:

    This is a very basic, very accessible book, that has no depth to it I bought it thinking it suitable for graduate level study becaus it was published by Cambridge It is not I m sure that for high school students it offers a good introduction, but it wasn t at all useful for me.

  2. zaza zaza says:

    A ne pas acheter si vous n avez qu un int r t ponctuel pour la satire en tant que genre litt raire, ce bouquin est tr s bien fait, plut t exhaustif, donc assommant si vous vouliez juste deux trois infos superficielles comme moi

  3. Maria Laakso Maria Laakso says:

    Good job

  4. Blanca Rodriguez Blanca Rodriguez says:

    I teach Literature in a bilingual high school and this book is perfect for my students level and for the purpose of the course.

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