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The Thwarting of Baron Bolligrew A tale of long ago, when dragons were still common The Duke and his Knights, having slain the last dragon in the Dukedom, are looking forward to a nice period of inactivity Sir Oblong Fitz Oblong, however, declares they must go elsewhere to do further good works To avoid this, he is sent on a one man mission to overcome the dragon in the Bolligrew Islands There he meets the wicked th Baron and his blundering Squire Blackheart and others After passing through many fantastic adventures, he at last encounters the Dragonmen

4 thoughts on “The Thwarting of Baron Bolligrew

  1. Miss C Miss C says:

    Good service from seller Fantastic funny play suitable for kids

  2. Retro Brit Retro Brit says:

    Loved it Always did from reading it during my school days.

  3. Bill-Bob Bill-Bob says:

    A very funny play, good to read to oneself as well as acting out if you had a mind to Gently pokes fun at all various cliches, worth getting a copy of.

  4. Nora R. Smith Nora R. Smith says:

    I read a story version of this many long years ago, and I know it s been done as a puppet theatre and children s film version, but I d never read the original play, so this was a treat Good quality hardcover, only slightly used, very expeditions shipping, thank you.

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