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Illiberal Reformers: Race, Eugenics, & American Economics in the Progressive Era In Illiberal Reformers, Thomas Leonard reexamines the economic progressives whose ideas and reform agenda underwrote the Progressive Era dismantling of laissez faire and the creation of the regulatory welfare state, which, they believed, would humanize and rationalize industrial capitalism But not for all Academic social scientists such as Richard T Ely, John R Commons, and Edward A Ross, together with their reform allies in social work, charity, journalism, and law, played a pivotal role in establishing minimum wage and maximum hours laws, workmen s compensation, antitrust regulation, and other hallmarks of the regulatory welfare state But even as they offered uplift to some, economic progressives advocated exclusion for others, and did both in the name of progress Leonard meticulously reconstructs the influence of Darwinism, racial science, and eugenics on scholars and activists of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, revealing a reform community deeply ambivalent about America s poor Illiberal Reformers shows that the intellectual champions of the regulatory welfare state proposed using it not to help those they portrayed as hereditary inferiors but to exclude them

About the Author: Thomas C Leonard

Is a well known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Illiberal Reformers: Race, Eugenics, & American Economics in the Progressive Era book, this is one of the most wanted Thomas C Leonard author readers around the world.

15 thoughts on “Illiberal Reformers: Race, Eugenics, & American Economics in the Progressive Era

  1. Ricky Ricky says:

    What a very interesting and educative book this is Given the preponderance of progressive ideology in current UK culture and politics, I thoroughly recommend it

  2. 木村 貴 木村 貴 says:

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  3. Monocled Libertarian Monocled Libertarian says:

    If you want to know about the origins of progressivism and its illiberal ideals and policies from the over arching presence of eugenics to economic interventionism , this is a

  4. Jeffrey Tucker Jeffrey Tucker says:

    This book is a mind bender, not only because this history is largely unknown but also because it scrambles everything you think you know about the right, the left, race, gender, regula

  5. Fats Yamaguchi Fats Yamaguchi says:

    Leonard s survey of the impact of early progressive thought is balanced and well written Others have detailed how the rise of industrialism following the Civil War fostered progressivism, the

  6. JustinB JustinB says:

    Not a bad book, but here is the truth yes, some of the progressives had eugenics a popular, bad idea of that period subtly and sometimes not embedded into their reform efforts and were not perfectly i

  7. M. Steckbeck M. Steckbeck says:

    Leonard uses source material i.e., journal articles, opinion pieces, etc from the writings of those he is discussing There is no conjecture, nor is there any speculative history where Leonard tries to inject

  8. Clay Garner Clay Garner says:

    Woodrow Wilson, on the campaign trail in 1912, told voters that it was time for the federal government to be liberated from its outmoded eighteenth century scheme of checks and balances Why liberate government Govern

  9. Bob Bob says:

    It s so surprising reading this and knowing how these beliefs shaped modern day leftism To call them liberal would be a misnomer Progressivism has always been formed and motivated by arrogance, by people who think they know

  10. mystery-thriller-suspense.co Customer mystery-thriller-suspense.co Customer says:

    An excellent concise history of America s Progressive Era and Gilded Age This book tells the enlightening but grim tale of a period of American history that is often either glamorized or ignored As far as I m concerned, there exists

  11. Paul H. Davis Paul H. Davis says:

    This book was a huge eye opener for me about how our current government came to be what it already was when I arrived on the scene The tragedy of history is that everyone assumes what they grow up with to be normal, and it isn t until you r

  12. Shawn T. Miller Shawn T. Miller says:

    This book is great in that it shows the evil of Progressives with good intentions who want to help others by controlling them and forcing them to obey More than anything else, the Progressives wanted the power to decide who would have children and

  13. Astrify Astrify says:

    Challenges the conventional view of the progressive era that most Americans are taught in high school and college The social darwinists were not apostles of laisez faire economics but rather progressives who believed they could improve the American populat

  14. applewood applewood says:

    Illiberal Reformers gives a wonderfully detailed and engagingly written account of the somewhat convoluted and paradoxical history of the early 20th century American Progressive Movement It is especially useful given that the movement continues today but with some

  15. R Smith R Smith says:

    Modern progressivism claims it combines the authoritative allure of scientific fact with enlightened reason yet many of the core civil rights issues we face today are the product of late 19th and early 20th progressives This is the first book I ve seen that unmasks the pr

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