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The Ultimate Dinosaur Glow in the Dark Sticker Book I ve purchased numerous DK fun educational books over the years and this dinosaur sticker book is another good buy at prices Some stickers go on designated spaces to accompany short descriptions of the dinosaurs, while other stickers can be used to decorate a dinosaur scene Best of all is that if left under a light for enough time the stickers really do glow, which is an added value, making this sticker book a good present for a 3 or 4 yr old dinosaur enthusiast. This product was ok Lot of money for what it is and wasn t very sticky so stickers fell off Our little boy got bored quickly and he loves dinosaurs Gift so not sure, seemed a bit disappointing Kids loved sticking on their wall. it was just as I expected thank you Great sticker book, but not for young children I bought this after reading the reviews Althought I understood there would not many stickers inside but I still feel disappointed about the quantity.They does glow in the dark if you leave them under lighting than 1 hour or so. This sticker activity book with glow in the dark stickers is great for children obsessed with dinosaurs With overreusable stickers, children can have fun matching dinosaurs to their description or creating their own scenes of prehistoric earth Packed with fun facts and interesting information, children can expand their knowledge and get creative with this dinosaur activity book Children can discover all about the lives of different types of dinosaur What did Suchomimus eat How long was a Tyrannosaurus rex Which dinosaur s name means five horned face Find out the answers to these questions and With stickers that glow, children can create a display that looks good day or night The Ultimate Dinosaur Glow in the Dark Sticker Book is a perfect book for children agedtowho want to learn about these ancient reptiles So disappointed I expected glow in the dark and the stickers were just regular ones My little boy cried when they didn t glow. Grandson always likes stickers and the Glow in the Dark were a bonus

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