[pdf] G.I. Joe: Cobra H.I.S.S. Tank: Includes Light & Sound! Author Andrew Farago – Intimatenights.co.uk

G.I. Joe: Cobra H.I.S.S. Tank: Includes Light & Sound! As a child of the 80 s, my formative years were spent reading a TON of G.I.Joe comics lived in the country so rarely got to see the glorious cartoon , and playing out those battles with my meager collection of assorted toys I never had a H.I.S.S tankNow I own 6 So that s something. If you love the original Cobra HISS tank in my opinion, the single coolest vehicle in the entire toy line, and stunning for being one of the first Cobra vehicles , then this gem will absolutely delight you Putting on the stickers throws your right back to the 80s, and it is just so beautiful and accurate I bought two so they can be displayed in pairs Okay, I bought 4 so I can give a pair as a gift The little booklet is nice, too. First of all I received this really fast which is always cool This is a tiny version of a HISS tank which threw me off at first but after I opened it, put the stickers on it and fired the weapon, I was happy to have it I was fooled but ended up happy Good job. Great little toy with cool lights and shell explosion sounds The book was interesting as well, as it gave the scoop on the main Joe and Cobra characters Really enjoyed putting the stickers on the tank, just like old school 80s toys, if you received them. I bought this for Amanda and she promised to press the button EVERY DAY She has done so, and I m proud to say it works brilliantly I wish Running Press made of these G.I Joe miniatures The attention to details is commendable The book is of an added bonus and very well done. Tr s bien mais petit format. GI JOE is the code name for America s daring, highly trained special missions force Its purpose to defend human freedom against Cobra, a ruthless terrorist organization determined to rule the world This kit includes a miniature replica of the fearsome Cobra HISS Tank and apage booklet featuring in depth profiles on members of the GI JOE team and the forces of Cobra This is a dope little collectable. To be clear It s pretty small It s also pretty awesome.

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