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The Moor's Account PULITZER PRIZE FINALIST NOMINATED FOR THE MAN BOOKER PRIZE WINNER OF THE AMERICAN BOOK AWARD A New York Times Notable BookA Wall Street Journal TopBook of the YearAn NPR Great Read of A Kirkus Best Fiction Book of the Year In these pages, Laila Lalami brings us the imagined memoirs of the first black explorer of America Mustafa al Zamori, called Estebanico The slave of a Spanish conquistador, Estebanico sails for the Americas with his master, Dorantes, as part of a danger laden expedition to Florida Within a year, Estebanico is one of only four crew members to survive As he journeys across America with his Spanish companions, the Old World roles of slave and master fall away, and Estebanico remakes himself as an equal, a healer, and a remarkable storyteller His tale illuminates the ways in which our narratives can transmigrate into historyand how storytelling can offer a chance at redemption and survival

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