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Ancient Mesopotamia for Kids: The English Reading Tree Introducing Ancient Mesopotamia for KidsThe English Reading Tree BookThis book is aimed at children aged ten and over and is part of the English Reading Tree Series numberIt is a perfect tool to get young learners into the habit of reading Ancient Mesopotamia will take children and parents on a journey through events and trivia that formulated the roots of our own civilization From the Sumerians to the Persian Empire with the invention of the wheel and writing along the way this is a must read book for curious young minds Ancient Mesopotamia for Kids has been written to entertain and educate It is packed with information and trivia and has images that bring the topic aliveThere is a quiz at the beginning and end to test how much has been learnedWhat people are saying about the English Reading TreeGoodreadsExcellent books that not only improve reading ability but educatePost OnlineVery well presented and I particularly enjoyed the quiz at the endIsland EBooksSimple, easy to read, and full of interesting facts What can a parent ask Online ReviewWith less emphasis on pictures and emphasis on reading and developing initial reading vocabulary, this series will capture most kid s imagination and encourage them to read The large print makes the reading inviting Parental assistance will be needed to help with new words or meaning

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