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Television Development: How Hollywood Creates New TV Series [Lingua inglese] Development is a large and central part of the American TV industry, and yet the details of how it works who makes development decisions and why, where ideas for new shows come from, even basics like the differences between what TV studios and TV networks do remain elusive to many In this book, lecturer and acclaimed television producer Bob Levy offers a detailed introduction to television development, the process by which the Hollywood TV industry creates new scripted series Written both for students and industry professionals, Television Development serves as a comprehensive introduction to all facets of the development process the terminology, timelines, personnel and industrial processes that take a new TV project from idea to pitch to script to pilot to series In addition to describing these processes, Levy also examines creative strategies for successful development, and teaches readers how to apply these strategies to their own careers and speak the language of development across all forms of visual storytelling Written by the renowned producer responsible for developing and executive producing Gossip Girl and Pretty Little Liars, Television Development is an essential starting point for students, executives, agents, producers, directors and writers to learn how new series are created Accompanying online material includes sample pitches, pilot scripts, and other development documents A companion website for the book is available here

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  1. Raj S Raj S says:

    Perfect resource with detailed insider information This book is a crash course for anyone who wants to know the inner workings of developing a TV series for the television industry for the most sophisticated market the US Learnings can be used to develop and pitch in other markets as well.Don t look for any other book This is the one

  2. Brian C. Wimbles Brian C. Wimbles says:

    Really one of the best books of any kind you can purchase fro any role in Hollywood Or New York film and especially the TV industry, valuable for producers, writers, even PA s will get something out of it.

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