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The Art of Mulan: A Disney Editions Classic A lovely reissue of theDisney Editions art and making of book offers a new generation of coffee table book fans an insider s view into the animated film process of MulanThe Art of Mulan was only Jeff Kurtti s fourth published work, and one of which he remains enormously proud He is honored to see this important and significant story in print again for new generations, along with some stunning additional visual development artwork and new foreword by Thomas SchumacherInspired by a two thousand year old Chinese legend, Mulan was the first animated feature film to be primarily produced by Disney s animation studio at Walt Disney World in Florida This was a dazzling array of talented and dedicated filmmakers who specialized in traditional hand drawn animation and collaborated on the musical segment I Just Can t Wait to Be King in The Lion King, shorts ranging from the Roger Rabbit cartoon Tummy Troubleto the legendary folktale John Henry, and feature films such asLilo StitchThe Art of Mulan reveals the story behind the making of the film in this distinct place and at this particular time, both of which bridge the Disney animation renaissance of the s and the sensibilities of today s Walt Disney Animation StudiosLike the film s heroine, the Disney artists who created Mulan made a journey of self discovery that began with a momentous decision to make a modern film adapted from an ancient Chinese source The Art of Mulan chronicles their efforts to remain faithful to the spirit of the original legend and the traditions of the Chinese culture, while at the same time make it accessible for an international audience approaching the end of the second millennium Their words reveal their passion while thanstunning color and black and white illustrations showcase their brilliance, all clear reminders of why Mulan has become a fan favorite of so many who grew up with it

12 thoughts on “The Art of Mulan: A Disney Editions Classic

  1. Dimitrij Dimitrij says:

    Sull onda della prossima uscita del live action, questo testo non pu mancare nella libreria di appassionati disney, in particolare di questa mitica leggenda Sicuramente un edizione economicamente pi impegnativa di altre ma un libro completo e ben assortito di schizzi, foto e descrizioni sull animazione tradizionale di questo film unico

  2. I. Anim I. Anim says:

    A classic and well sought after Art of book With work by a who s who of animators and concept artists this is a must have for fans of animation.

  3. Arthur Zambaldi Arthur Zambaldi says:

    As artes s o de tirar o f lego e todo o processo de cria o do filme muito bem detalhado.

  4. Client d'entrecielos.co Client d'entrecielos.co says:

    Bon artbook, mais vraiment pas le meilleur

  5. yolan yolan says:

    petit bijou encore merci pour ce livre qui n est vraiment pas facile a trouver, c est une magnifique pi ce que je suis vraiment content d avoir trouv

  6. Ana Ana says:

    This reedition is different from the 1998 edition The hard cover is paper printed green not fabric blue with gold letter as 1998 edition In adition this one hasn t got the transparent pages inside with the characters I would prefer the same edition as 1998.

  7. Maili Taniguchi Maili Taniguchi says:

    This book is STUNNING It goes in depth into the inspirations and processes that went into the film without getting dull or text book like.I m a huge fan of this movie and so this book has been such a great addition to my collection Get your hands on this now

  8. Equestrienne Equestrienne says:

    The Art of Mulan is an interesting art of book When I finally got this book in the mail I was quite surprised to see how large it is And considering this is the smaller version There s an oversized version as well.But yes, this book as ALOT of text But I loved reading all of it It s written with amazing detail, and you hear from so many talented people who worked on the film.My onl

  9. D.W. D.W. says:

    I bought this as a birthday present for my girlfriend who loves Mulan I highly recommend The Art Of. books to anyone who loves Disney movies and as a gift for one who wants to give a beautiful and interesting story So cool to see the behind the scenes drawings and story board for these amazing productions

  10. Jerry L. Walters Jerry L. Walters says:

    Great book.

  11. Shannon G. Shannon G. says:

    The books condition was a little rough around the edges Literally But, the book is still amazing.

  12. Fred Bronaugh III Fred Bronaugh III says:

    amazing chronicle of all the hard work and art that went into this wonderful film Lovely art on every page and great stories

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