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The Tudors Marcia Williams brings the Tudor kings and queens to life in her trademark comic strip style Join much loved authorillustrator Marcia Williams on a comic strip journey through Tudor history! A witty, accessible introduction to the Tudors, with full colour illustrations throughout, from the author of Mr William Shakespeare's Plays and The Romans: Gods, Emperors and Dormice Arthur Inkblott, Queen Elizabeth I's favourite scribe, retells the most famous moments in Tudor history, from the Wars of the Roses and the Spanish Armada to Christopher Columbus's discovery of America and Henry VIII's many marriages! Packed with jokes and colourful comic strip illustrations, this is Marcia Williams at her very best

3 thoughts on “The Tudors

  1. Mrs. Enid Heron Mrs. Enid Heron says:

    What a joy Marcia Williams books are! My granddaughter now has the set and loves them The format is great providing lots of information in a well illustrated fashion.

  2. LINDA LINDA says:

    these books are fantastic for anyone at any age beautiful fun illustrations.

  3. Rozsa Gaston, author, Anne of Brittany Series Rozsa Gaston, author, Anne of Brittany Series says:

    Delightfully informative, the genius of this book is in its clever layout Royals are covered in the large middle section Lower class life is appropriately described in a narrow band at bottom of each page Lots of fun facts about ferrets (animals from which ermine pelts were made, which only kings and qu

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