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The Children of the King A hauntingly beautiful wartime story with a ghostly twist this is set to become a modern classic It s the Second World War and, with London becoming an increasingly dangerous place to live, the Lockwood children are whisked away to the Heron Hall, to stay with their Uncle Peregrine in the countryside But when they discover two strange boys hiding in a nearby derelict castle, the past and present collide Those in the present will need to learn from the troubles of the past.

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  1. KidsReads KidsReads says:

    Jeremy and Cecily Lockwood are two privileged English siblings who, with their mother, flee the London Blitz for their Uncle Peregrine s estate in the northern countryside, leaving their government employed father with his work in the city At 14, Jeremy thinks himself much too grown up to still be treated like a c

  2. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    Summary Honestly, the summary is of a few stories mixed together An overall story is Cecily, Jeremy, their mother, and a young refugee named May running off to the country to be away from the war in London Their uncle is taking them in to Heron Hall While there, May finds some ruins and some young boy ghosts that happen t

  3. K. Varraso K. Varraso says:

    I read this book about children moving from London to the country for the duration during WWII It was a wrenching and terribly sad time, as some children were taken in by farmers to be free labor while young men were in military service Others had a much pleasant experience as they were virtually adopted by their foster families a

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