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The Escape Room: 'One of my favourite books of the year' LEE CHILD This is the first time I have read a book by this author, but the title intrigued me The main theme is about rivalry between, Jules,Sulvie, Sam and Vincent, four people trapped in an elevator, which has come to sudden halt between floors Is it a mechanical fault, or something sinister Having been trapped for sometime, recriminations start to fly between the parties and secrets exposed, each determined to outsmart the other with a view to improving their position within the Firm This book is not for the claustrophobic, but wonderfully written nonetheless There is a lot of tension and anger between these four I d love to see by Megan Goldin. Clever, engaging, interesting and well written This is an enjoyable read that is only, slightly, let down by the ending which is unrealistic.The storyline is told in two narratives Elevator and Sara Hall Four super star financiers from Stanhope and Sons are involved in a team building exercise, called the Escape Room This is the Elevator The four have to solve clues to escape from the Elevator The four are, Vincent who is head of the team, Jules, a lawyer, Sam, a womaniser and Sylvie, ex model All four have very questionable morals, are egotistical, greedy and will stab the back of anyone, in their determination to be the best As the team building exercise develops, things turn bad.Sara Hall is a new recruit in the finance department of Stanhope She is at the lowest rung of the ladder in a dog eat dog team.Sara tells, in her narrative, the difficulties she overcomes to get her job and the poor attitudes of the team, towards her However, she desperately needs the income and preserves with her unhappy work situation Sara makes one friend in the office Lucy who is borderline genius and on the autistic spectrum Lucy is a key team member due to her brilliance in maths and her ability to finalise deals.It s not easy to divulge without spoilers What I will say is that the plot idea is different and original The portrayal of the characters, excellent It easy to imagine the cutthroat atmosphere in the big financial banking circles where self preservation is the most important factor, closely followed by large pay packets The two storylines go well together and readers will be, mostly, kept guessing as to the outcome. Finalmente un po trama diversa Buona lettura When a book opens with a quote from Sun Tzu The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting it really sets the scene for what is to come.Alternating chapters from the lift four and new junior executive Sara Hall we learn of Stanhope Sons , the cut throat finance industry of Wall Street, ruthless ambition, greed and envy.How companies use greed and ambition with the promise of a luxury lifestyle to brainwash employees into losing their moral compass.Sara and fellow colleague Lucy branded a misfit are social outcasts who don t quite fit in with the others but are useful enough for them to keep around I loved both of these characters, Sara for her underdog tenacity and Lucy for her quiet but extraordinary intelligence.I m not going to go into the plot as this is a book you really don t want to accidentally spoil.This book is a masterclass on the claustrophobic thriller. Where to begin A very intriguing synopsis let down my a far fetched plot and sloppy editing.Four work colleagues are sent on what they think is some sort of escape room team bonding session only to quickly realise they were wrong and it is something far sinister.When you begin a story at the end and work backwards with readers knowing part of the outcome the journey to the end needs to be very good and this book wasn t Unlikable characters, plot holes, repetitive details, crazy revenge plot, unbelievable story line leads to a book I wouldn t recommend If you re thrilled lover it s nothing you haven t read before No great twists you don t see coming I would put in my best Simon Cowell voice and describe it as distinctly average but it s not even average Wasn t the worst book I ve ever read but based on thisinprobanky wouldn t read any work by the author. When four investment bankers at the lucrative finance house of Stanhope and Sons are summoned by the Human Resources department to a gathering at an out of the way partially constructed office building in the South Bronx they each fear that after an unprofitable year for the team they are about to be sacked When they find themselves thrown into what appears to be a team building exercise in an escape room within an elevator, tempers fray Boss and Senior Vice President, Vincent de Vries knows that his foothold at the company is weakening, but he is just as in the dark as his team members pill popping, flesh pressing Sam Bradley whose wife spends money as fast as he earns it alcohol dependent lawyer and divorcee, Jules and supercilious former model, Sylvie, who is swimming against the tide in a male dominated industry When a message flashes up welcoming them to the escape room and issuing them with a mission to get out alive, it seems like a tasteless joke and the team grow fractious given they all have specific reasons to want out pronto.When the first two puzzles for the team to solve point in a very personal direction the four realise that this is no run of the mill escape room challenge With no Wi Fi and the clues pointing to an ever darker truth that none of them want to face, namely with the death of a phenomenally brainy and autistic coworker in questionable circumstances, tensions rise with the fatality weighing heavy on all of their consciences The lead up to these dramatic events is told by Chicago born Sara Hall, who after struggling to fund her MBA and attending countless interviews achieves the ultimate prize, with an entry level position as an analyst at prestigious Wall Street firm, Stanhope and Sons.Sara s past tense first person account tells of her gilt edged opportunity to make her fortune, so long as she can contend with the ruthless ambition, blatant sexism and power hungry colleagues she works amongst The toll of the long hours and the rewards on offer for those who are prepared to be indoctrinated by the Stanhope and Sons rule book are evident in Sara s story, but it is also a world in which the spoils become addictive and it is nigh on impossible for some to resist the greed and ambition that it breeds From a modest background and unused to the world she has joined, Sara s journey is compelling and her loyalty and honesty is commendable.Although the novel is breezy and the four colleagues trapped in the elevator escape room have very few redeeming features amongst them, thus making it a guilty pleasure fo watch them suffering, these scenes do become repetitive as the novel progresses with much of the time spent sniping and point scoring as opposed to solving puzzles As chapters alternate between the unfolding action in the elevator and Sara s backstory, the novel never quite proves to be the lightning fast paced thriller that it is billed as I would have appreciated being given a timeline for Sara joining the firm and the crucial events as whilst the elevator action takes place over thirty four hours and in all honesty treads water whilst the backstory plays catch up, I felt in the dark as to over what period Sara s journey spans.Sara is likeable, sympathetic and well intentioned with than enough savvy to convince the reader that she could her own in the team and for the most part keep her head down, thus making her predicament believable A compelling narrator, her decision to put supporting her family over her wish to study medicine endearing Her colleagues are a largely odious bunch, with only Vincent and Sam offering glimpses that they are anything than Gordon Gecko stereotypes But whilst each of the team all have their own flaws and weaknesses, there are some secrets that none of the group can afford to be revealed Rivalry, personal history and pay differentials divide the group, but in order to make it out alive do any of them have what it takes to change their ways and rediscover their scruples Having worked in the investment banking industry I had high hopes for The Escape Room and can certainly attest to the authenticity of so much of Megan Goldin s portrayal of the workplace climate Whilst for the most part the novel is a solid thriller with a sympathetic protagonist to vie for, the bulk of the story consists of flashbacks with the four bankers inside the escape room in the elevator dictating very little of the novel s direction There is, however, much to praise and Goldin is a dab hand in highlighting the culture of the industry and the dog eat dog world that exists before resorting to the far fetched in order to deliver a satisfying and oh so wacky and twisty conclusion. Sara Hall is invited for an interview at the prestigious Stanhope Sons investment bank After several interviews she is selected as one of the chosen few and goes from waitress to the big league overnight As one of the elite she puts in punishing hours in the quest that everyone on Wall Street has to retire at 40.The Escape Room introduces us to Sara and her colleagues and explores what happens when you pitch 4 highly intelligent but ultimately ruthless individuals against each other When money and power are involved.greed soon follows.This is a great book and one I didn t want to end I would highly recommend it for anyone who likes a thriller. The Escape Room is a very modern and stiflingly claustrophobic mystery thriller.The prologue is absolutely heart pounding and with it Megan Goldin sets the scene for the rest of the book The tension rises with each passing chapter and as the links between the present and the flashbacks become clear the revelations come thick and fast.While some of the high finance and investment banking speak was sometimes a little over my head, the characters were clearly defined, in all their hideous complexity Their age old emotions, motives and machinations vie for centre stage with an original concept, a very modern setting and cutting edge technology.Although, for me, after all the development, the book came to a slightly abrupt end, it was a hell of an enjoyable ride and I would definitely read from Megan Goldin.Thank you to NetGalley and Orion for my copy of The Escape Room and to Tracy Fenton for my spot on the blog tour. Well, this was an excellent, extremely clever book It moved quickly and the reader couldn t possibly anticipate Sara would take her revenge in such an inspired way It was a pity that Lucy had to die, but at the same time, knowing she was in danger meant she was able to communicate, albeit rather circuitously, what she knew to Sara The ending was fitting for those 4 sharks, who had shoved Lucy aside and subsequently Sara for their own greed and to obscure their part in a ruthless bid for wealth. Welcome to the escape room Your goal is simple Get out aliveIn the lucrative world of Wall Street finance, Vincent, Jules, Sylvie and Sam are the ultimate high flyers Ruthlessly ambitious, they make billion dollar deals and live lives of outrageous luxury Getting rich is all that matters, and they ll do anything to get aheadWhen the four of them become trapped in an elevator escape room, things start to go horribly wrong They have to put aside their fierce office rivalries and work together to solve the clues that will release them But in the confines of the elevator the dark secrets of their team are laid bare They are made to answer for profiting from a workplace where deception, intimidation and sexual harassment thriveTempers fray and the escape room s clues turn and ominous, leaving the four of them dangling on the precipice of disaster If they want to survive, they ll have to solve one final puzzle which one of them is a killer Praise for The Escape Room High wire tension from the first moment to the last Four ruthless people locked in a deadly game where victory means survival Gripping and unforgettable Harlan Coben Fantastic One of my favourite books of the year Lee Child Amazinga thriller set in an elevator that explores the vast territory of people s worst natures A nightmarish look inside ourselves Simply riveting Louise Penny A sharp, slick, utterly engrossing thriller This knockout debut hooked me from the first page and didn t let go Cristina Alger, USA Today bestselling author of The Banker s Wife

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Is a well known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Escape Room: 'One of my favourite books of the year' LEE CHILD book, this is one of the most wanted Megan Goldin author readers around the world.

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