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The Great Fire of London (Young Reading Series Two) Find out all about the Great Fire of London, inwhat caused it, how it spread, how it was put out and how the city was rebuilt in its wake A simple but comprehensive introduction to this key historical event Part of the Usborne Reading Programme, this book is for children who can read fluently but are still building their confidence ottimo per ampliare il vocabolario, adatto per bambini pi grandi, intorno ai 7 8 anni interessante la mappa del prima e dopo incendio I bought this book for my grandson who was interested in Pepys description of the Great Fire of 1666 I am sure he will be really interested in it and will read it from cover to cover My only gripe is why are the abbreviated forms of English verbs used in formal writing ie not just in conversation Do not is easier to type than don t This is an important distinction which it is worth preserving. My daughter loved to read this while learning about the great fire at school She was technically too young for the reader age but the easy style of chapters, short paragraphs and good size writing meant she persevered to the end anyway.

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