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Historical Sticker Dolly Dressing 1930s Fashion my two granddaughters love these sticker books and we are working our way through all of them However, when this one arrived I loved it so much I kept it for myself and had a great evening putting all the stickers in I also like the information on each page and the illustrations which are excellent I freely admit to buying another one, The Grand Hotel, for my own personal fun Meine Tochter liebt die Stickerb cher von Usborne 5 Sterne Standard Usborne sticker book My 10 year old daugher loves these sticker books About 3 years ago she got the first on in German, her mother tongue After she had done all available German sticker books, I got her the first one in English She does not yet speak or read enough of this language to understand the informative texts by herself, but I read them to her and explain what is meant She has already picked up quite some vocabulary Apart from that, she really get s a feeling for the time and is able to make connections with other information read or seen recently we saw a documentary on TV and when a picture of a woman was shown she cried out that this is Coco Chanel and it must be in the 1920s, as she knows that particular photo from the corresponding sticker book.I like these sticker books as a playful way to introduce kids to certain aspects of history that are not in the focus of ordinary history lessons at school. My granddaughter really enjoys these books Helps with her interest in historic fashion as described Discover the fashions of the s by dressing the dolls in historically accurate outfits Find out what men and women wore during the golden age of Hollywood in the US, or in Europe, during work or leisure time A stunning activity book themed around the glamorous era of the s Dress the dolls in graceful ball gowns and prepare them for the red carpet in Hollywood do all this while learning interesting facts about the s too Illustrations Full colour throughout WARNING Not suitable for children undermonths because of small parts Choking Hazard My daughter loves the stickers and the quality of the book. I love that it is teaching my daughter history It does a nice job of having reading The stickers don t stick that well though but we make do. Our Granddaughters loved this series It was great to inspire curiosity and even some of their own designs There ages are 5,6 and 7 We ordered three books and each little girl was thoroughly engrossed in play enjoying.

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