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The Children of Willesden Lane The inspirational story of Lisa Jura s escape from Nazi controlled Austria to England on the famed KindertransportFourteen year old Lisa Jura was a musical prodigy who hoped to become a concert pianist But when Hitler s armies advanced on pre war Vienna, Lisa s parents were forced to make a difficult decision Able to secure passage for only one of their three daughters through the Kindertransport, they chose to send gifted Lisa to London for safety As she yearned to be reunited with her family while she lived in a home for refugee children on Willesden Lane, Lisa s music became a beacon of hope A memoir of courage, survival, and the power of music to uplift the human spirit, this compelling tribute to one special young woman and the lives she touched will both educate and inspire young readers Based on a true story of ayear old girl Lisa Jura, who had to flee her home in Vienna and rebuild her life in London, the story brings home the reality of the Holocaust to readers agedand up Very moving, beautifully human I could not put this beautifully written biography of the author s mother down Having read a review by someone critical of the style of writing, I was a tad apprehensive I thought the style of writing superb Just right The story of course is fascinating Lisa is sent as so many children were if Jewish in 1939 and unfortunate to live in Hitler worshipping Vienna, by Kindertransport to England, far away from her loving parents siblings and friends, alone into the unknown Really the only thing she brought with her was her talent and love for playing the piano How she arrived in Willesden Lane and what happened when she did is the story you must read I did so on Kindle for less than a fiver What value Thank you Mona and your colleague for telling us this unique story. A wonderful story of sorrow, loss, resilience and love My only criticism is that it is written for the American market and references in wartime London to, for example, sidewalks and blocks is really irritating and makes it feel unauthentic. My daughter had started reading this in school but the class never got a chance to finish it so she was desperate to read the rest of it.

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