Audible DK Eyewitness Books: Knight By Christopher Gravett –

DK Eyewitness Books: Knight Take an inside look at the life of a knight from battles and banquets to sieges and chivalry in this updated edition of Eyewitness Knight Illustrations, maps, charts, and timelines look at the history of medieval knights and their armor, jousting, heraldry, hawking, and crusades With content appropriate for year olds, the book covers everything from the very first knights to the decline of chivalry Each book retains the stunning artworks and photography from the groundbreaking original series, but the text has been reduced and reworked to speakclearly to younger readers Still on every colorful page Vibrant annotated photographs and the integrated text and pictures approach that makes Eyewitness a perennial favorite of parents, teachers, and school age kids

About the Author: Christopher Gravett

Christopher Gravett is a recognized expert on weapons, armor, and military affairs in medieval Europe, and works as assistant curator of armor at the Tower Armouries in the UK He has written several books about warfare in the medieval world, including DK Eyewitness Guides Knight and The History of Castles Fortifications Around the World.

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