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Vikings (Beginners) Find out what it was like to be a Viking, and learn about Viking homes, feasts, boats, gods and much in this fascinating book Written with the help of a reading expert, the book includes short, informative text, vivid, full colour illustrations and photographs on every page

14 thoughts on “Vikings (Beginners)

  1. A M W A M W says:

    My 6 year old son absolutely loves this series, and his favourites are the Vikings and the Celts He reads them easily without having to strain himself, but still brings a few words he hesitates or doesn t know the meaning It doesn t have any gruesome details, gives a good overview of history, and it still

  2. Valerie C Valerie C says:

    Last year we started home teaching our two grand daughters, so I have been looking out for books which the youngest is able to read, that link with the national curriculum The beginning readers from Usborne are excellent So far we have read Egyptians and are now looking at Vikings for history, How flowers grow

  3. K. Wilson K. Wilson says:

    Lots of great facts about Viking in this book We live in Denmark and my daughter is bilingual so it was a fab introduction to the Viking history and we will be following it up with a museum trip Usborne Beginner books are fantastic, they explain facts and illustrate in such a way that young kids find them fascinati

  4. FAJ FAJ says:

    My 6 year old granddaughter had been to the museum and had to do a project on the Vikings Sent for this book and she was so happy with it she took it to school where her teacher liked it that much he asked if he could get a loan of it to photo copy some of the pages for the benefit of the rest of the class What can I s

  5. Liz Liz says:

    Great for seven year olds

  6. S Small S Small says:

    Useful teaching resource in primary schools have used it with a primary three class Lots of interesting facts and information at a good level for younger children.

  7. reference-collections.co Customer reference-collections.co Customer says:

    Clear and easy read

  8. Emma Sutherland Emma Sutherland says:

    I bought a few of the Usborne books as small incentives for my son and he loves them They are easy to read and understand and full of information for inquisitive minds.

  9. Pamela Challis Pamela Challis says:

    Enable child to produce well informed project that was praised by her teacher it was used along side other information books.

  10. Mrs H Parsons Mrs H Parsons says:

    A great book for the classroom.

  11. Alasdair MacKellar Alasdair MacKellar says:

    Excellent book.

  12. maya maya says:

    My son is crazy about vikings He loves this book At the end of books are internet links with interactive games hat are great

  13. Kerrie Kerrie says:

    Good imformative book A Used book but was not expecting writting and drawing on pages within the book Very disappointed

  14. elix elix says:

    I ve discovered lately Usborne books They are very well written and colours and pictures attract the attention of children My child has already learnt many new things thanks to this book I will definetely buy of various subjects.

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