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Story Stakes: Your #1 Writing Skills Strategy to Produce a Page-Turner that Transforms Readers into Raving Fans of Your Screenplay or Novel Make your story a page turner make a living as a writer Wouldn t it be great if readers stayed up all night to finish your screenplay or novel When these readers are done with your story, they won t quickly forget about it and reach for another spec script or novel in their TBR pile Nope Not after such an intense emotional experience like that Instead, they ll transform into raving fans who ll tell everyone they know about your workThat s how you get onto Hollywood s radar and eventually make the big spec sale That s how you get the word of mouth recommendations that propel a novel to the top of the best seller lists It s how you finally achieve your writing dreams through your creativity Sounds nice, right But how do you make it happen How do you keep readers glued to your screenplay or novel At first, you might use your writing skills to create a likeable hero or craft a high concept premise Sure, these things are important They entice readers to give your story a chance But they only go so far They don t keep readers engaged till the very end To accomplish this, you need something You need stakes Because of stakes, your hero can t walk away from his problem As a result, readers won t be able to walk away from your story See, when stakes are in play, readers wonder whether your hero will succeed or fail at his goal Then, they worry about him Then, they re under tension To relieve this tension, they MUST stay up all night and finish your story and when they have, they ll rave about the amazing page turner they couldn t put down They ll rave about you Master story stakes, and your screenplay or novel will stand out in a crowded marketplace This writing skills guide will show you how Specifically, you ll learn aboutTypes of Story Stakes Which Increase Tension and Reader Engagement Some of them you already know A few will be new At the very least, you ll have a convenient list to check the next time you need a new reason for your hero to save the day, trick your leading lady, or chase down a suspect Plus, we ll cover best practices That way, you ll get the most mileage out of the stakes you choose to include in your storyModulating Factors Which Affect the Emotional Impact of the Stakes Think of modulating factors like the knobs on a stereo system They can either turn up the emotional volume, or they can mute it Oftentimes, modulating factors are the secret to wringing out the extra drop of emotion that will give your story an advantage over others in its genre The Story Stake Matrix This is where we put everything together It s a tool which will show you how to use stakes to craft a premise with commercial appealhow to to raise the stakes even when they re already high how to avoid an anticlimactic endingLet s focus on that second benefit for a minute Several writing guides will tell you that to keep readers interested, you ve got apply your creativity and raise the stakes But, these books are frustratingly vague on how to accomplish this This book is not vague This book will give you specific strategies you can use right away to make high stakes feel even higher Buy this writing skills guide today and take a step closer toward enthralled readers, raving fans, and killer sales Also available in ebook Inciting Incident How to Begin Your Story and Engage Audiences Right Away Trough of Hell How to Wrap Up the Middle of Your Story with Maximum Impact Story Climax How to Avoid Disappointed Audiences and Craft a Screenplay or Novel Climax that Thrills and Delights

15 thoughts on “Story Stakes: Your #1 Writing Skills Strategy to Produce a Page-Turner that Transforms Readers into Raving Fans of Your Screenplay or Novel


    D Costa brings new concepts into the world of story stakes But not only that, he or she, not entirely sure explains them in great detail, THEN simplifies that great detail in a way that is easy to understand Fantastic, would reccomend to anyone who is interested in a mildly amusing, but also extremely informative read.

  2. Rebekah Humphrey-Bullen Rebekah Humphrey-Bullen says:

    Very interesting book Worth a read.

  3. Rachel Capps Rachel Capps says:

    Every once and a while you come across a book that improves your writing beyond what you thought possible This is that book for me Outstanding

  4. Carolyne Carolyne says:

    I think every writer should have this book on their Kindle or in their library Very easy to read but clear instructions on how to create stakes that matter for your character Reasons for him or her to do what they do Great book.

  5. entrecielos.co Customer entrecielos.co Customer says:

    All good

  6. Richard Richard says:

    Je doutais un peu, en achetant ce livre J en ai lu beaucoup Mais celui ci se distingue des autres par son aspect tr s clair, tr s pratique, plut t facile mettre en oeuvre Pour auteurs de tous niveaux

  7. Buddy Buddy says:

    A must read for everybody who wants to learn the craft of screenwriting.it s clear, concrete, helpfull.One of the best screenwriting books I ve ever read.


    Probably like you, I ve read a lot of books on screenwriting Many of them are useful, with nuggets you can use to improve your craft Most of them are generic, with few real examples from produced work, leaving you with a vague idea of what the author is teaching you.But Ms D Costa s writing manuals which is what they are contain loads of actual, specific examples from REAL movies that you ve likely seen

  9. Allen G. Bagby Allen G. Bagby says:

    I ve read many books on structure and outlining Glad I circled back to remind myself how to turn up the volume in my current manuscript and why it s important to let the stakes costs ring loud over what my protagonist is doing and what he and world stands to lose if he doesn t change grow in character I had been so focused on structure, which is extremely important, that I was speeding past the emotion of sta

  10. Alex Kourvo Alex Kourvo says:

    From book blogger Alex Kourvo at the Writing Slices blogIf the hero has nothing to lose, there are no stakes and therefore no story We all want to make our stories as gripping as possible, but it s not always easy to see how H.R D Costa spells out, in clear language, the different kinds of story stakes from freedom and justice to regret, protection of others, and the hero s own death She uses many examples from we

  11. Zikomo Zikomo says:

    A very good book It goes into great depths, and has a lot of great ideas But what I love most is that, unlike most books of writing, the author doesn t just fill the book with quotes from other books on writing I absolutely hate when I buy a book on writing, and the author has simply repackaged ideas from other books.I would consider myself reasonably advanced in my progress as a writer, and have read many books on wri

  12. Kate London Kate London says:

    This is a really excellent book that goes into the mechanics of what makes certain stories work, and why some fall flat It s the kind of no fluff writing guide that explains high level techniques that usually only the pros in Hollywood know The ones who have millions of dollars riding on their script, and really need to bring it You ll never look at blockbusters or bestsellers the same way again It s unlike most other writi

  13. bookluvr bookluvr says:

    This book is fine, but compared to Save the Cat or Your Screenplay Sucks, it falls short It is a good reference book, but there are no gems here, nothing that sticks with you after you close the book It is in a word forgettable After reading Save the Cat and Your Screenplay Sucks both GREAT screenwriting books , I could recite quotes from the book, I remembered much of what I learned and could take away some general knowledge Af

  14. Marcin Marcin says:

    I like reading books on writing while I write, especially outline, because it makes me think about the aspects I might not have figured out at a certain stage This book proved useful in that respect and directed my attention to the question of stakes I loved the movie examples, I can never get enough of those and would love to see Categorizing stakes was very helpful, but confusing in some parts I might need another read or two to c

  15. ADR ADR says:

    A must have in your top 10 books on writing This is definitely in my top 5 I only wish his her other books were available in paperback, since I like to highlight them, cross reference them and such Please offer them in print This book will help you pin down high story stakes, shows how to elevate them throughout the story and make them higher and higher until the end, and discusses your climax Great book.

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