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5th Grade Us History: Famous US Inventors (Booklet) online books Show your gratitude to the people who made life today much comfortable This book accumulates information on some of the world s most famous US inventors Complete with images and an easy to read format, this book is the perfect complement to the official textbooks used in th grade US History that also discuss the subject Secure a copy now As a fifth grade level book I give this only 2 stars The book is great if you re looking for some basic inventor names, however there is very little information provided for each inventor and there are only seven inventors mentioned The format of the book is a picture of an inventor with a one to two sentence demographic overview of the inventor, then a textless filler image on the next page that really didn t provide any additional purpose other than expanding the book to have pages Not even every inventor received a photograph or illustration of themselves which made the book inconsistent.The inventors listed were basic common knowledge inventors such as Bell, Goodyear, Franklin, Edison and Morse I thought it was strange to include Naismith who is credited with inventing the game of basket ball, but I suppose it was an invention of some kind, I was just expecting technological inventions to be included only These names are introduced to most kids at a first or second grade level The book was written at a preschool level.When talking to fifth graders about inventions, it s a time to spark their interest in a subject of history that might go unnoticed to them This book provided no spark for kids to go out and make their own inventions, it created no interest because it lacked detail The book is extremely short and I almost didn t want to finish it because it was so boring My kids didn t have any interest in the book after the first couple of pages and they love to read and learn about our history.Overall I don t recommend this book to anyone The majority of the information is common knowledge and this book is absolutely not at a fifth grade level The information provided is suitable as a brief introduction to seven inventors in US history, and not one of them was a woman.I received a digital copy of this book free in exchange for an honest review. The book 5th Grade Us History Famous US Inventors is one of the books in a series of educational books written by Professor Baby and published by Speedy Publishing This book, which is a part of the Children s Inventors Books series, provides children with a chance to learn about history in a fun and exciting way These books are filled with exceptional photographs and content geared towards capturing a 5th grader s attention span Easy and fun to read These books are excellent for use in the classroom or at home Excellent tool to help children not only learn about the past, but it helps to encourage them to read as well.This colorful short book provides children with a brief overview of some of the most amazing innovative ideas of famous inventors past and present Beautiful, detailed, colored photos along with age appropriate descriptions and fun facts about Alexander Graham Bell, the Telephone, Benjamin Franklin, Charles Goodyear, Rubber, James Naismith, Basketball, Samuel Morse, Thomas Edison and the Wright Brothers can all be found in this book.These books are great conversation starters for children The beautiful pictures open up a dialogue for children to express what they see and what they understand by looking at the photographs Finally, a good tip for parents these books are great for bedtime Quick and easy to read, while also providing a little education to your child.I viewed the Kindle version of this book I was able to successfully download and open the book with my Kindle App with no problems or difficulty I received this book at a discount in exchange for my honest review I haven t received any kind of compensation and I am not required to give a good review I am also not associated with the seller or publisher in any way If my review was helpful to you, please vote Yes below. Hello today I am reviewing this eBook with the name of 5th grade history famous American inventor sLet me first say that this 5th grade book has very pretty picture s in it But is it 5th grade level Well let s start shall we 1 Alexander Graham Bell is listed on the first page as a Scottish American with that as the main tag line.2 Benjamin Franklin is listed in this eBook as American Statesman as the main tag line2 Charles Goodyear is listed as being self taught as the main tag line3 James Naismith is listed as Canadian American as the main tag line4 Samuel Morse is listed as American painter as the main tag line5 Thomas Edison is listed as American inventor as the main tag line6 The Wright Brothers Orville and Wilbur is just listed as American Brothers as the main tag lineI am a busy mother of my 5 Boy s and I am also homeschooling I read this eBook took notes in less than five minutes Way too short and brief in my opinion Also way to dummed down to be for the 5th grade level.These are our children that we give this type of book to Am I too strict Or are we not giving them the best we can In this case I think that we have insulted the 5th grader s ever where I honesty think we can do better for our children to learn from than this one.I am to let you know that I have gotten this eBook at a discounted rate for a honest review.Thank you for reading my review and I hope that you have a great day As with all baby professor products that I have seen a run somewhere from 17 to 18 pages with some beautiful photographs but light very light on content This one does have a little bit description just as beautiful illustrations as before but it really just deals with a few inventors nothing really in depth flash card versions This would be a good introduction to your child or classroom to get an idea of who they would like to study or to begin studies of each inventor n This is in no way a full curriculum or in addition to any curriculum as of a picture book if you well I would definitely not put this in a fifth grade capacity I would put this for someone ages 6 to 9 first second or third grade Max Like I said before there are some very nice pictures but not a lot of detail you re talking Morava skim over quick synopsis of what these people did or how they re important and not any true details about them how they came to invented any of their inventions or their life story or anything like that If you are looking for a quick introduction to inventors or a quick introduction to American inventions this would be good for you also if you re looking to gauge the interest of children are picking one of the inventors to study on this might get their pallet wet but this definitely is not a main course of of information This is my honest review I was given this at a discount or free but my review is honest I got this book for my ten year old We enjoy reading books on history and science as a family The book is part of a series that s written for this age group I enjoyed reading this with my kids and even the six year old enjoyed it.This books pictures are detailed Each inventor has a picture and biography of that inventor Then each following page shows a picture of what that inventor is known for This book has content per item shown than other books in this series I like the way it s written I just wish that this book would cover inventors There are so many inventors that could have been introduced to kids with this book I did learn somethings while I read this to my kids I actually read this book to my six year old as well Most of the concepts in this book were simple enough he could grasp them I wish the writer would have expanded on the wright brothers since a lot of kids are always interested in vehicles and movement.I liked the fact that this book is available in digital form It makes it so much easier to take with me on the go to keep the kids entertained I would recommend this book to anyone with young kids and I will be recommending this book to my friends and family I received this product at a free or reduced rate in exchange for giving an honest and unbiased review.5th Grade Us History Famous US Inventors Fifth Grade Books Inventors for Kids Children s Inventors Books I could honestly take this book, or leave it It was not anything out of this world great, but it was not terribly by any means I got it for my 5th grade daughter, who whizzed through it in about 5 minutes She said it was OK, but short She wishes it had content because she liked what was there She just felt it was lacking, and I tend to agree with her She felt the information was good, she was intrigued as she loves reading about inventors, so I thought this would be perfect for her It was of a teaser On the plus side, she asked to google some inventors after reading it, it left her thirsty for knowledge, so I definitely like that My younger kid 4th grade felt about the same way, but she is not as interested in the content as much as her older sister I think it would be worth a buck or two, but that is about all I would pay for it.The colors of the book were perfect for the content inside of it, it was visually pleasing to my children and me I would give three and a half stars if that were possible but alas, it is not.Pros Interesting content Visually pleasing Made my daughter want , so she researched on the computer rather than playing games, made me one happy Mama Cons Too short I was provided this book free of cost for my complete and honest review I have not been nor will I be compensated in any way for the rating that I have given this book US History Famous US Inventors for 5th Graders Every day life is constantly improving thanks to the innovative ideas of famous inventors past and present The first and most famous for getting us into technology was Alexander Graham Bell he invented the first practical telephone he studied the human voice and worked with various schools for the deaf Benjamin Franklin was an American Statesman writer, printer and inventor His experiments with a kite and thunderstorms led to the development of what Read the book Who do you think discovered the process of vulcanizing rubber tires read the book.Samuel Morse invented the Morse code used to communicate long before the use of cell phones and two way radios Morse code is sometimes still used in the US military.The phonograph, the predicessor to the record player was invented by Thomas Edison as well as the light bulb.Who invented the airplane read the book, the hint is it was two brothers.Great pictures of the inventionsMy grandson is in 2nd grade and home schooled He is an avid reader, reading above his grade level as did his mother and aunt He could use this book in the near future as an alternative to other US history books It lends a great amount of information in a short easy to read book I am grateful to have received this book at a discounted rate in exchange for my personal honest, unbiased and non compensated review.Please if you found this review helpful in making your decisions, please press the Yes button below. This is a book I got for my 7 year old son He is really into creating things and likes to learn about interesting people He had done some studying on Edison and Tesla at school and my husband went in depth with him at home While I do like the facts in the book, I would have liked to see information I guess when I am thinking 5th grade I am thinking a lot reading, able to take in information.It would have been nice to hear about a few things each had done unless it was just one.I would have also liked to see the time frame in which these were invented The reader could paint a picture in their head as to when it took place in time.For my son he didn t learn anything than he had known before However, like a good book it is a topic that he likes to talk about so it did refresh his memory.I think that this would be a good fact book I think it would also inspire kids to do small projects of their own Perhaps a future inventor will read.I received this book at a discount or free in exchange for my honest opinion.

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