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Libro perfetto, dall inizio alla fine Il primo volume ha un inizio molto lento, mentre The Girl in the Tower ti coinvolge dalla primissima pagina Non vedo l ora di leggere il terzo, e sono certa che questa diventer una delle mie trilogie preferite After the excellent The Bear and the Nightingale , Katherine Arden continues her Winternight trilogy with this absorbing fantasy adventure The novel picks up straight after where the first left off, and you would definitely be best to read them in order Once again, the story is set in medieval Russia, in a land of snow and Tartar invasions, Grand Princes in Kremlins fortified settlements , and women firmly in their place Not to mention magic and mystery, although the old spirits chyerti are being gradually forgotten by a people who are moving strongly towards Christianity.One woman who doesn t intend to be married off and shut away in a tower is the heroine, Vasya, who has been exiled from her home village following the events of the last book Vasya s refusal to submit to the life of a girl in a tower is an important theme of this second novel Readers will be pleased that her sister Olga and brother Sasha have bigger parts to play in this novel, after being introduced in the first but then going out of it when they moved away There are also the return of many other familiar characters the conflicted priest Konstantin, Vasya s horse Solovey, and Morozhko the frost demon New characters also arrive mysterious prince Kasyan and Olga s spirited daughter Marya.There is action from the start, and it s a novel packed with event and that bowls along at a good pace It s hard to put down so don t start reading if you ve got some important chore you need to get done It s easy to read and draws you in, the sort of book you hurry home to read and sit up late to have just one chapter In terms of storyline, it does feel a bit of a bridging novel in some ways to get us from the opener to the big finale but it s still good enough to deserve a five star rating At times Vasya s behaviour crossed the line from high spirited to plain stupid, but hopefully that s just to give her a character arc.If you love fantasy, it s a must read If you are indifferent about fantasy and only read the very best, this is one of the very best If you don t like fantasy but do like fast paced novels with characters are care about, you might just find this is an exception to prove the rule I hope Arden is writing hard on the third and final novel as I m certainly eager to read it Mi piaciuto il racconto che ti prende e non hai voglia di smettere di leggere Qualche pagina un po horror ma meno che nel primo libro della saga Aspetto l uscita del terzo volume. It s been many years since a book has compelled me to forget everything around me and to read all day and all through the night Well, I finished The Girl in the Tower as dawn was breaking this morning we had heavy frost during the night, perfect The first part of the trilogy, the Bear and the Nightingale, was superb, but this second story is even better I was lost to the world of fading chyerti, the conflicted Morozco, talking horses, political intrigue, ice and folklore It s a book I know I ll read again and again Five stars doesn t do it justice. For a young woman in medieval Russia, the choices are stark marriage or life in a convent Vasya will choose a third way magic The court of the Grand Prince of Moscow is plagued by power struggles and rumours of unrest Meanwhile bandits roam the countryside, burning the villages and kidnapping its daughters Setting out to defeat the raiders, the Prince and his trusted companion come across a young man riding a magnificent horseOnly Sasha, a priest with a warrior s training, recognises this boy as his younger sister, thought to be dead or a witch by her village But when Vasya proves herself in battle, riding with remarkable skill and inexplicable power, Sasha realises he must keep her secret as she may be the only way to save the city from threats both human and fantasticalA spellbinding fairytale full of magic and wonder, perfect for fans of Erin Morgenstern s The Night Circus and Philip Pullman s His Dark Materials Make sure you ve read all the books in the Winternight TrilogyThe Bear and the Nightingale The Girl in the Tower The Winter of the Witch For some reason I m finding this one very hard to review I did enjoy it, though maybe not quite as much as the first one It has the same magical feel to it but it is a very different beast Honestly in the first book not a lot happened, it was very low key, almost slice of life This book expands into the greater Russian medieval world It continues pretty much where the first left off, Vasya is leaving her village and dresses as a boy to see the wider world It s not long though that she gets drawn into bigger events and meets her brother Sasha and his friend, the crown prince of Moscow.I should have liked this There are battles, political manoeuvrings, of the spirit world we get a lot Morozko and basically a lot of action full stop However I think it was the very poetic prosaic if that makes sense feel of the first book that I really liked and was expecting of the same It s not to say that this was bad I really enjoyed it and flew through it in a few days The author really makes you feel for the characters, with one scene in particular very hard to read The wider world is very interesting, and I like the push and pull of these vassal states to the Mongol empire, it s a part of history I know very little about and it is fascinating to read about, I hope we get in the final book The themes of old versus new and the role of women in this society are still front and centre, maybe even so, with Vasya resenting it and her sister Olya trying to make the best of it.Overall a very enjoyable book, maybe not quite so magical as the first one but still very good Looking forward to the finale. The Girl in the Tower is the second of the second in the Winternight trilogy by Katherine Arden I loved the first book, so was very keen to read the next two This book continues with the adventures of Vasya, the protagonist from The Bear and the Nightingale Vasya s life appears to be one of either forced marriage or a life in a convent, believed to be a witch by the villages of her town Both options mean a life cut off from the rest of a world living in a tower, in isolation Vasya chooses a third option and flees her home Vasya, chooses a life of adventure and danger exploring the world She disguises herself as a boy and rides into the woods After a battle with some bandits she comes into contact with the Grand Prince od Moscow, who believes her to be a boy She reunites with her brother and sister in Moscow Vasya gets caught up in political matters and is finally called upon to defend the city when it comes under siege.This is a beautiful fairy story where Vasya continues her journey discovering who and what she is She straddles the unseen magical world and the human world, bringing them both together I love the character of Vasya, she is wild and reckless, but also brave and compassionate I liked the development of the relationship that the siblings have, the descriptions of the beauty of Rus and Moscow, beautifully written and very atmospheric I also really enjoyed the relationship between Vasya and Morozko Arden writes this beautifully and we see their relationship grow and develop. Accused of witchcraft and falsely blamed for the death of her father Vasya has two options open to her, accept an arranged marriage or join a convent Unsurprisingly neither of these choices hold much appeal to someone as independent as she is so instead Vasya disguises herself as a boy and, with the help of Morozoko, sets out on her own to travel the world and have an adventure It s all going pretty well until she catches the attention of the Grand Prince and he insists on taking her back to Moscow where two of her older siblings are caught up in her lies and forced to help her continue her deception And that s where things really start to get complicated.I absolutely adored The Bear and the Nightingale so I had incredibly high expectations for The Girl in the Tower and thankfully Katherine Arden didn t disappoint The sequel had everything I loved about the first book and and I was immediately sucked back into Vasya s world These stories are just so atmospheric and really make you feel like you ve taken a step back in time to medieval Russia and I enjoy exploring that world through Vasya s eyes She s a great character who is so independent and who wants to live life on her own terms no matter how restricted women s lives were at that time That reckless streak does get her in trouble on than one occasion and it also makes things extremely difficult for her siblings but I could understand her desire for than marriage or life in a convent.Morozoko continues to be one of my favourite characters and we get to see a lot of his history in this instalment of the series I m enjoying finding out about his character and I m not going to lie, I m totally rooting for him and Vasya to end up together This series is going from strength to strength and I can t wait to see how it ends in The Winter of the Witch. I have to say that I probably enjoyed the first book of this series slightly than this one, maybe because of the abundance of demons in the first book but that s not to say it wasn t as good I really enjoyed the forbidden type love story between Vasya and the winter king and that the writer doesn t make Vasya out to be the stereotypical beauty as a lot of books in this genre do, it makes it powerful and believable I can t wait for the final book to be released I loved the immersive, magical experience of The Bear and the Nightingale and was happy to find that atmosphere continued in the second instalment of the trilogy The focus of the story moves from the wilderness to the city, but continues to revolve around Vasya, who has been branded a witch by her village.I had loved the rural setting of the first book but there is still a fair amount of that to start with and I was intrigued to read about Medieval Moscow My only criticism of the first instalment was that it was rather slow paced The Girl in the Tower moves along nicely and the last fifth or so is positively action packed I m not quite sure how I will wait until January 2019 for the final part of the story but I ve already got it on pre order. The Girl in The Tower: (Winternight Trilogy)

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