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Kong Unmade: The Lost Films of Skull Island Just like Godzilla, Gamera and their kaiju kin, King Kong was to be the star of many an unmade film In this new book learn of a plethora of prequels, sequels, and even in between quels to theKing Kong From Merian C Cooper himself came ideas for The New Adventures of King Kongto chronicle Kong and Denham s journey to New York Tarzan vs King Kong, a Technicolor prequel set on Skull Island and Space Kong, a psychedelic sequel set in space Learn the tragic history behind Willis O Brien s King Kong vs Frankenstein that lead to the making of King Kong vs Godzillaplus Kong s original starring role in what became Godzilla vs the Sea MonsterUnmade remakes like The Legend of King Kong plus unmade sequels to Dino De Laurentiis s King Kongand King Kong Livesare also covered In addition to these unmade films, readers can also explore the detailed histories behind these Kong imitators Konga, The Mighty Gorga, Queen Kong, A P E, and Mighty Peking Man

9 thoughts on “Kong Unmade: The Lost Films of Skull Island

  1. Walter Nones Walter Nones says:

    Excellent service Trustable and safe.

  2. majicks majicks says:

    As someone who has researched many topics, I was totally amazed by the scale of this book Like many others, I was dismayed by the many typos and missing words Ray Bradberry, even in the index and the back of the book Frakenstein , but I sat and went through half the book in one sitting I am retired , as I was enjoying it so much I thoug

  3. Mr A Donkin Mr A Donkin says:

    Richly entertaining and thorough This book is a real gold mine of what if s Intriguing stuff.

  4. MPM MPM says:

    I first saw King Kong 33 in the late 50s and was hooked I ve enjoyed every movie version of Kong that s been made since, even the bad ones This is a great book for fans, like me, covering all the possible remakes, sequels and variations on the theme that never were but can live on in daydreams wouldn t that have made a cool movie Anyway,

  5. Mister Madel Mister Madel says:

    Habe das Buch verschlungen Wer sich auch nur ein bisschen mit dem ThemaKing Kong auskennt und Feuer f r den Riesenaffen gefangen hat, braucht dieses Buch um alle Hintergr nde und gemachten Filme in Erinnerung zu rufen Gerade auch deshalb weil viele den ersten Film 1933 vergessen haben und auch gerne als Anleitung f r eine neue Generation v

  6. Michael Jay Klein Michael Jay Klein says:

    I can t believe I paid so little for this excellent book, as it s chockful of information pertaining to well, if the film or film concept involved an ape and a jungle it s included here The author, as with his previous book on Japanese giant monster films, shows boundless enthusiasm in his work and the amount of research and detail involved

  7. Jason Adamczyk Jason Adamczyk says:

    This book is just so much fun and has so much detail on not just the unmade King Kong films but of the development of the Kong films that were made and the changes that were made to many My favorite it reading the details of Peter Jackson s original King Kong script from the 1990 s it s very different then what he finally made which was a tr

  8. L. Armour L. Armour says:

    Very well researched and entertaining reading for fans of KING KONG and Kaiju films The author does need a good proof reader as there were a number of grammatical errors though My only real gripe is a few photos would have been nice, as even many of the un made films had test footage shot.

  9. Michael Hawkins Michael Hawkins says:

    This is a pretty awesome in depth look at the history of King Kong s legacy and the various attempts to make films for the giant ape.There s stuff that is generally common knowledge among those who enjoy giant monsters on the Internet, such as King Kong vs Frankenstein, an attempted 90 s rematch between Kong and Godzilla, etc But then there s

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