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Talking to My Daughter About the Economy: A Brief History of Capitalism [Lingua inglese] Yanis Varoufakis, the bestselling author of Adults in the Room, uses personal stories and famous myths to explain what economics is and why it has the power to change our world Why is there so much inequalityIn this intimate and accessible book, world famous economist Yanis Varoufakis sets out to answer his daughter Xenia s deceptively simple question Drawing on memories of her childhood and a variety of well known tales from Oedipus and Faust to Frankenstein and The Matrix Talking To My Daughter About the Economy explains everything you need to know in order to understand why economics is the most important drama of our times It is a book that helps to make sense of a troubling world while inspiring us to make it a better one

13 thoughts on “Talking to My Daughter About the Economy: A Brief History of Capitalism [Lingua inglese]

  1. Simon Rotelli Simon Rotelli says:

    Ho veramente apprezzato la semplicit con la quale Varoufakis ha introdotto i concetti di mercato, di mercato del lavoro, di moneta e di economia in generale fino ad arrivare ai temi caldi ed attuali delle banche, della robotica e dell inquinamento.Il tutto partendo da una domanda semplice della figlia su povert e diseguaglianze, passando attraverso una breve presen

  2. Matteo Bugli Matteo Bugli says:

    A simple and yet profound analysis of the development of market societies and the flaws intrinsically embedded into them For anybody who is interested in understanding what is going in today s world.

  3. Hande Z Hande Z says:

    This is a vivid and captivating account about the history and the state of capitalism YV explains how from a state of serfdom where capitalism is unknown we have arrived at the state of the world economy today He explains how the creation of surplus leads to unequal distribution, sowing the seeds of inequality The story of how from a state of serfdom came the market

  4. Customer Customer says:

    didn t realise before I bought it that the book has a beautiful aesthetic The hardback has a cloth like texture, and the book has an attached bookmark one chapter down, and so far I can say I am A really charmed by the writing technique of this author communicating as though he were talking to his teenage daughter It s just enough without getting gimmicky or old It s

  5. WindingWay WindingWay says:

    I bought this book as an admirer if Varoufakis, but with a limited understanding of economics I feel like I grasp the basics a bit better now, but may need to give it a second read to really let it sink in This isn t really a reflection on the book being difficult or complex I think my brain struggles to take on board theoretical concepts which, as Varoufakis opines, a

  6. Ian McGregor Ian McGregor says:

    The headline above is a big claim for a relatively small book.But I think it is justified.It is directed at the author s teenage daughter It is is accessible but never patronising.Strongly recommended.

  7. Jezreel Jezreel says:

    A good general introduction to economics and how the international economy works Not a text book style but as the title indicates, of a conversational and discursive approach, from quite a left and critical perspective I read it after enjoying Adults in the Room and it reflects the same approach to economics I would recommend it to anyone wanting an overview or an intro

  8. MiB MiB says:

    I read this book because I have seen Yanis Varoufakis interviewed many times and he always presents a highly articulate voice in favour of a balanced economic model But this book is terrible.It is presented as a response to a question supposedly asked by his teenage daughter who lives in Australia as to why the distribution of wealth is so unfair Varoufakis uses this as

  9. Customer Customer says:

    Great book Clear description of the way the economy works , the problems and looking ahead to potential solutions Written as an account for his teenage daughter but also serves as an excellent account for the layman Something that everyone should read If we don t understand what is going on we don t try to change it and change is urgently needed in the lamentable state of

  10. Wagner fiend Wagner fiend says:

    Clever and, despite being written for a 14 year old, not the least condescending.If other academic economists wrote as clearly, politicians would have less excuse to mess things up.

  11. Alex Kopyra Alex Kopyra says:

    The author writes clearly and there is no doubt he is a great economist It was an interesting read, however I do have to admit I learned about Greek mythology through the author s plentiful supply of analogies than I did about the economy The book is definitely aimed at teenagers, and as a university student with a basic grasp of economics and common terms I unfortunately d

  12. Customer Customer says:

    The title is a bit cheesy for me but ignore that It is a book worth reading for a different perspective than you will see in 90% or of the media Written after his hideous experiences with the EU and their treatment of one of their member states, Greece, he sets out what are, if you care to look, well known issues with economics.I personally am not put off by the fact that th

  13. P. Penn-Low P. Penn-Low says:

    A simplified in a good way look at economics setting out its facts, fallacies and limitations Another reviewer wrote that the outlook in this book was flawed , yet Varoufakis himself explains that in many respects the whole concept of economics as a science is flawed Certainly, the author seems to have a strong moral ethic that will run contra to the aims and ambitions of big

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