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Firefly: Still Flying: 3 NEW STORIES UNSEEN PHOTOS SHINY We have done the impossible, and that makes us mighty Since its short lived appearance on TV in , Joss Whedons Firefly has indeed done the impossible Its sold over a half a million copies on DVD, spawned the hit movie Serenity, and most remarkably, inspired a loyal fan following the Browncoats whose numbers are still growing to this day Still Flying is a brand new celebration of all aspects of the show, featuring a wealth of rare and previously unpublished images including storyboards, production design art and candid behind the scenes photos memories from the cast and crew, a tribute to the Browncoats, and, as a special bonus EXCLUSIVE NEW FIREFLY FICTION BY WRITERS OF THE ORIGINAL TV EPISODES FUN WITH DICK AND JAYNE written and drawn by Ben Edlund WHAT HOLDS US DOWN by Jane Espenson CRYSTAL by Brett Matthews TAKE THE SKY by Jose Molina

About the Author: Joss Whedon

Is a well known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Firefly: Still Flying: 3 book, this is one of the most wanted Joss Whedon author readers around the world.

15 thoughts on “Firefly: Still Flying: 3

  1. Grey Lady Grey Lady says:

    I liked this book a lot nice items on the cast, including good pictures of the characters in the show and movie, information on the ships in the series, information on special effects, and last but certainly not least some nice short stories to tip it off That actually is what I am truly missing in this great and interesting firefly universe apart from additional seasons of the series and

  2. Lenny Lenny says:

    I bought this book thinking it was by Joss Whedon and would offer new and deeper insights into the series Instead it s a padded out piece of puff, including as photos polished up screengrabs from the title sequence I mean, I love the show, but I m not twelve and even if I was I d expect than this.The first thing I noticed that nowhere on the book does it say by Joss Whedon I rather think ought t

  3. carolehyde C A HYDE carolehyde C A HYDE says:

    The book is very good I bought it for my collection of firefly books and the film and dvds I have

  4. jxp433 jxp433 says:

    Bought for a friend He loved it

  5. Julie M Julie M says:

    A must have for any Firefly fan.

  6. Patterns of Life Patterns of Life says:

    If you re a fan of Firefly, you ll enjoy this book the stories I bought it for are a bit weak roll on a novel one day , but the updates on the Fandom, the cast etc are interesting I actually enjoyed this book than the official companions for some reason, can t really say why If you re new to Firefly I wouldn t start here buy the DVD box set , the companions 2 would be helpful If you are a fan already, why are you reading this

  7. reaverlen reaverlen says:

    Another informative, well researched book for the undying Firefly series never should of been cancelled.damn Fox Great info and background stories on all characters

  8. REYT REYT says:

    je suis tr s d u de l etat du livre qui normalement devait tre neuf la couverture est tr s abim e c est une honte en plus ce livre etait un cadeau

  9. Esther Schindler Esther Schindler says:

    I m sure you ve had the experience of finding a box of mementos in your attic While the items have little meaning to anybody else, the apparently random collection is a memory box for you A copy of the poem you wrote in 8th grade, a lost earring from a set you wore in high school, a dorky knick knack that was once precious to you because it was a gift from a friend Such boxes don t have much organization, but they can elicit complete sensory recall of

  10. Arnold Arnold says:

    Firefly gets the celebration it deserves in this book The book has several parts, including interviews with cast and crew, background on story and prop design, and new original short stories by the scriptwriters.The interviews with cast and crew are mainly collected from previously published sources It s great to have them all in one place, but no new material Still, the interviews are insightful and the case is refreshingly open.Some of the background on the

  11. Michael L. Emery Michael L. Emery says:

    I read the description to this product and the mere handful of reviews before I chose to purchase it.Having now read it, I must say that I really do not find a single thing wrong with this book It s original material, like Jane Esperson explaining the writing process on a Joss Whedon show, a large amount of pics that I have not seen in other Firefly books, and of course the 4 great original storieswell, ok, the 2 panel Fun With Dick And Jayne can hardly be called a st

  12. D. B. Levenstam D. B. Levenstam says:

    I must confess that I purchased Firefly Still Flying High thinking it contained stories of the adventures of the crew of Firefly It does actually contain four brief adventures, but mostly it contains interviews with cast, crew and fans, and many pictures of cast, crew, fans, sets and props I found the cast interviews, if not priceless, at least golden I particularly enjoyed what the cast members had to say about Joss Whedon and especially each other Firefly Still Flying High

  13. Montzalee W Montzalee W says:

    Firefly Still Flying A Celebration of Joss Whedon s Acclaimed TV Series by Joss Whedon is catnip for all Firefly addicts I don t know why they took off such a wonderful show but it is my favorite and always has been This book goes behind the scenes and tells for all us crazy fans that want that little extra Great photos, info, bits about the props, places, people, characters, and I occasionally still binge watch the whole series when I am missing it Awesome book to go with that awe

  14. suzirelli suzirelli says:

    This is my all time Favorite TV Series The characters are Wonderful, Courageous and Funny The comraderie between them is contagious It s set in space mostly, they are sort of cowboy Space pirates, out to scavange, steal or plunder mostly from the Alliance On land there are horses and Western themed towns In the beginning there was a battle between the Alliance and the Independents, Mal the captain of Serenity their ship was a leader in the Independents during the war The Alliance won the war

  15. DragonWench DragonWench says:

    Shiny What else can one say about a book devoted to even trivia and behind the scenes info revolving around a show which has carved a permanent niche into the hearts of many, myself included Besides the wealth of new photos and interviews, there are also four new pieces of fiction by Ben Edlund, Jane Espenson, Brett Matthews, and Jose Molina For fans of Firefly and the follow up movie Serenity, the book is a welcome addition to the oeuvre, allowing us to live vicariously through the memories contai

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