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A Shakespearean Theatre Elizabethan London was a vibrant, growing city and theater, especially that of William Shakespeare, played a major role in its lively culture There was even a different play every day of the week Here s your ticket to the Globe, the legendary 20 sided building where Shakespeare s plays were staged Go backstage to discover how the theater was run, who chose the actors, how big an audience it could hold, and why it was build on the banks of the Thames Extraordinary illustrations give a dramatic look at life and art in the sixteenth century.

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  1. Marco Antonio Abarca Marco Antonio Abarca says:

    Shakespeare s Theater is another volume in the wonderful Inside Story series Like the other books in the series, this work teaches history by looking at the material culture of the era It is this emphasis on architecture, costumes, props and the daily lives of Elizabethan actors that makes this book work It is very hard to explain

  2. Rachelle Anderson Rachelle Anderson says:

    Worth it

  3. BBA BBA says:

    This seems elementary at first but there is a surprising amount of information here about Elizabethan Theater The pictures really bring the text to life.

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