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The Serpent King's Domain: Large format edition: Volume 7 FABLED LANDS is an epic series of interactive books with the scope of a massively multiplayer game world You can choose to be an explorer, merchant, priest, scholar or soldier of fortune Buy a ship or a townhouse, join a temple, undertake desperate adventures in the wilderness or embroil yourself in court intrigues and the sudden violence of city backstreets Undertake missions that will earn you allies and enemies, or stay a free agent and find fortune where you will With thousands of quests and locations to explore, the choices are all yours SET OUT ON A JOURNEY OF FABULOUS ADVENTURE Enter THE SERPENT KING S DOMAIN, a vast jungle forbidden to outsiders Along these uncharted paths lie a thousand opportunities for adventurers bold enough to seek profit, glory, knowledge or raw power Defy the ever vigilant hunters whose traps wait to claim the lives of the unwary Explore the mysteries of the Plateau of Dragons, high above the forest canopy where no human has ever set foot Exorcise the ghosts that haunt the creeper choked city of Tarshesh And finally confront the immortal Serpent King, living avatar of an ancient god, the deadliest warrior of this mysterious realm Choose your own destiny what role to play, where to go, and what to do Pick from hundreds of quests and encounters Decide for yourself how to face the snares and dangers of the jungle, and reap the rewards that will carry you on to even greater adventures in the role playing world of the FABLED LANDS

12 thoughts on “The Serpent King's Domain: Large format edition: Volume 7

  1. Giovanni Giovanni says:

    Che dire, questi librogame sono una gemma riscoperta Nati al tramonto dell era libri gioco non ebbero all epoca il successo che meritavano Grazie ad una coraggiosa opera di riedizione oggi ce li possiamo gustare nuovamente.L originalit della serie non tanto nella storia quanto nella moda

  2. lipsiupolis.de Customer lipsiupolis.de Customer says:

    A formidable addition to a series with a formidable pedigree The writing continues to carry the series, with Gresty in strong form as he takes the torch from Morris and Thomson.The book is substantially longer than previous entries in the series, and uses its length entirely appropriately It

  3. Graham Hart Graham Hart says:

    A late but great landmark in the history of gamebooks, the Fabled Lands series, is here revived and continued in triumph with 1200 paragraphs of finely crafted high adventure that demand the attention of the dice rolling interactive fiction connoisseur.

  4. Bob Bob says:

    At about twice the length of the previous books, this was worth the wait Here s hoping the series gets completed.

  5. Bota-Jo Bota-Jo says:

    ber zwanzig Jahre mussten die Fabled Lands Fans nun auf die Erscheinung des siebten Bandes warten Und gelohnt hat es sich irgendwie schon, auch wenn man sich gew nscht h tte, die sch pferische Pause der Autoren w re nicht so lange gewesen.Der Spieler bzw Leser befindet sich nun im s dlichen Kontinent namens

  6. Javier Viruete Cerrillo Javier Viruete Cerrillo says:

    Parece un sue o que despu s de tantos a os se haya escrito una nueva aventura de fabled lands Este libro comunica con los anteriores escritos aumentando adem s su longitud e incluso mejorando el estilo de la serie Un imprescindible para amantes de los liberojuegos modernos o cl sicos

  7. Badogor Badogor says:

    Holding this game book in hand, you have access to a whole country you can travel freely between than five large cities, each with their own culture, history and opportunities, engage in trade by ship or on land, or roam a vast jungle teeming with tribespeople and spirits, and uncover its many hidden secrets It s up

  8. Timothy Timothy says:

    I bought the first and seventh book in this series because of a play through by a youtube channel named How to be a Great GM The books are a colossal amount of fun, but you should now before you start that these books are absolutely brutal This isn t a book that you can causally adventure through Making the wrong decision

  9. Alexandre Alexandre says:

    Great to see the 7th book in this series come to market After playing through the original books and enjoying them thoroughly I was naturally happy to hear this one was going to be completed Each book in the series adds another area of the Fabled Land s world to be played and explored Looking forward to diving into this one Ad

  10. Roberto Roberto says:

    5 stars for a return, that pays tribute to the former books of the series.Maps, Characters and Illustrations are fabulous The bookprint itself could be of better quality, but for the current price you cannot ask for Thanks to everyone so enthusiastic helping to make this resurrection deal possible

  11. Sylvain Coucharriere Sylvain Coucharriere says:

    ce volume 7 de la s rie de LIvres dont Vous tes le H ros Fabled Lands ajoute des territoires explorer, de nouvelles qu tes etc j attends les ouvrages suivants, m me si il est vrai que j ai r ussi amener un personnage au niveau o je ne vois pas comment il pourrait encore voluer avec les seuls 7 volumes d ja parus.

  12. lipsiupolis.de Kunde lipsiupolis.de Kunde says:

    Top Buch Jeder der die Serie kennt wird dieses Buch mit neuen Abenteuern in Harkuna lieben Auch neue Funktionen bez glich Umwelt sind vorhanden.

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