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Zero Dial: The Dangerous World of Informers Three informers Murky bylanes that hold the key to deadly terror plots The chase for Indias most wanted terrorist The lives of three of Mumbai Polices best informers collide in this shady underworld Its a bad, bad world A world of crime, sex, drugs, murder and betrayal He who lies, lives to see the light of another day a day replete with even greater risks From shady underworld dealings to switching gang loyalties, the men graduate to selling information on terrorism Then begins the chase to catch Indias most wanted terrorist Riyaz Bhatkal, the man with an ominous track record of masterminding twenty two blasts across the country sinceThe search takes them to the most unassuming yet dangerous terror hubs across India With trust in short supply, time ticking away and the sword of Damocles over their heads, the men can only hope that they are not on a wild goose chase

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