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Rome: The Eternal Beauty: Pop-Up The first pop up book on Rome, aD guide for children and adults with evocative images and texts that stimulate the readers curiosityRome presented through the spectacular paper architecture of Dario Cestaro, in a pop up book that recounts the citys history with simple texts and curious anecdotesA fascinating journey through colorful pages that turn into Romes most famous buildings, helping even the youngest to recognize their principal characteristics the Colosseum, St Peters and the Sistine Chapel, Trevi Fountain, and many othersDario Cestaro is an author of childrens books, coming up with concept, story, and illustrations He has specialized in the creation of pop up books, taking care of the technical aspect too The media he uses range from watercolor to coloring on the computer to collage He has also worked as a stage designer Franca Lugato has devoted herself for years to popularization of the historical and artistic heritage of Venice In , together with Alessandra Bassotto, she founded the ARTEmisia group in Venice, which develops innovative approaches to education for museums

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