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Anne Frank's Story The life story of Anne Frank, from her early happy childhood in Frankfurt, growing up in Amsterdam, her two years in hiding and the last few months of her life in the concentration camps Narrated in six clearly written chapters, this biography for children answers the many detailed questions about Anne that readers of the Diary often have, and includes interesting anecdotes from friends who survived her There is an Historical Note at the beginning of the book and a map of Europe, so that children will be able to understand the situation at the time, and an Introduction by Anne Frank s cousin, Buddy EliasCarol Ann Lee collected Anne Frank memorabilia, including first editions of the Diary in any language, from an early age Although not Jewish, she developed an interest in the Holocaust and identified with Anne Frank She studied history of art and design at university and then followed her early interest and interviewed Holocaust survivors and worked in the Manchester Jewish Museum She has worked for the Anne Frank Trust and on its touring exhibitions Carol Ann now lives in Amsterdam

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