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Introduction to Industrial Organization This book provides an issue driven introduction to industrial organizationOver the past twenty years, the study of industrial organizationthe analysis of imperfectly competitive marketshas grown from a niche area of microeconomics to a key component of economics and of related disciplines such as finance, strategy, and marketing This book provides an issue driven introduction to industrial organization It includes a vast array of examples, from both within and outside the United States While formal in its approach, the book is written in a way that requires only basic mathematical training Supplemental materials posted on the Web make extensive use of algebra and calculus great This is a great book, with great formulas and diagrams to explain the examples If you are looking for a book that is in depth for graduate level work, this probably is not the book for you In many ways, I felt this book was a collection of what I was thinking about how Micro Economic theory applies to businesses and how business minds do business Microsoft, Standards, Monopolies, Basic Game Theory, Why advertising works, Price wars Etc.Over all a pretty good text, with really great examples No answers to answers in the back of the book to check your understanding A few of the chapters are not the best, but over all a good book with great real life examples on the principles cover The book also does a great job in explaining why the Perfect Economic Models break down slightly from what the theory says Overall, a good book and class on understanding Economics from a practical point of view.I cannot say if this book is better or worse than others, but I enjoyed it as it was too the point and used related examples, and what was done and what could be done With this book and a good professor, this class should not be a challenge for you. The cover looks used, but the pages all seem brand new Too bad I dropped the class so I don t know the quality of the textbook. Great condition, even better than expected.

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