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Project Finance in Theory and Practice: Designing, Structuring, and Financing Private and Public Projects (English Edition) This book presents comprehensive coverage of project finance in Europe and North America The Second Edition features two new case studies, all new pedagogical supplements including end of chapter questions and answers, and insights into the recent market downturn The author provides a complete description of the ways a project finance deal can be organized from industrial, legal, and financial standpoints and the alternatives available for funding it After reviewing recent advances in project finance theory, heprovides illustrations and case studies At key points Gatti brings in other project finance experts who share their specialized knowledge on the legal issues and the role of advisors in project finance deals Forword by William Megginson, Professor and Rainbolt Chair in Finance, Price College of Business, The University of OklahomaComprehensive coverage of theory and practice of project finance as it is practiced today in Europe and North AmericaWebsite contains interactive spreadsheets so that readers can input data and run and compare various scenarios, including up to the minute treatment of the cutting edge areas of PPPs and the new problems raised by Basel II related to credit risk measurement

12 thoughts on “Project Finance in Theory and Practice: Designing, Structuring, and Financing Private and Public Projects (English Edition)

  1. AMMM AMMM says:

    non c e niente da dire, Stefano Gatti e il punto di riferimento del panorama project finance italiano e non solo Ottimo libro per gli addetti ai lavori ma anche per gli studenti.

  2. Fabio Previtali Fabio Previtali says:

    If you are interested in Project Finance, if your are interested in better your professional English this is for you Stefano Gatti is able to introduce a challenge topics in an easy manner helping you to understand the deep meaning of this particular finance tool.

  3. Kamel Kamel says:

    Hello,Following the several posts regarding the CD ROM and the simulation model, please be aware that the content is provided for free on the publisher website as mentionned in p 409 of the second edition did not put 5 stars because I did not finish the book So far, I am learning a lot.Best,K.

  4. O. O. Arogundade O. O. Arogundade says:


  5. GARCÍA GONZÁLEZ, Salvador GARCÍA GONZÁLEZ, Salvador says:

    Prof GATTI s book provides than widely with the basic tools to understand and practice PFI Clear, very well written, easy to learn, with good charts and graphics, It gives also an insight in the Project Finance business, and its recent developments.Happy and thankful for having bought this book.

  6. Amar Amar says:

    Excellent introduction to project finance

  7. Jan Jan says:

    A must read for everyone involved in any form of project initiation.

  8. Nemo Nemo says:

    This book is wonderfully written in a very systematic manner I didn t need to buy it for class but I m glad I did.

  9. HMC HMC says:


  10. huhu huhu says:

    The book is totally black and white except for the cover All the figure and charts are black and white and the legend doesn t help at all.

  11. Anthony Johnson Anthony Johnson says:

    I like this book I have bought a fee other PF books and this one is written well and easy to read They however did make a mistake in that stating there is a CD available in the printed edition but you can go to the publishers website and download the excel model If you have a US computer you will need to run a macro contained in the file to switch from Ita


    Necessary and sufficient for learning project finance

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