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Nudge: Improving Decisions About Health, Wealth and Happiness A new book applying the lessons of social psychology and behavioral economics to everything from health care to climate maintenance The authors of Nudgeagree with economists who d like to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by imposing carbon taxes or a cap and trade system, but they think people need extra guidance John Tierney, New York TimesTwo University of Chicago professors sketch a new approach to public policy that takes into account the odd realities of human behavior, like the deep and unthinking tendency to conform Even in areas like energy consumption where conformity is irrelevant Thaler has documented the ways people act illogically Barbara Kiviat, TimeA manifesto for using the recent behavioral research to help people, as well as government agencies, companies and charities, make better decisions David Leonhardt, The New York Times MagazineEngaging, enlightening George Scialabba, Boston Sunday GlobeSunstein and Thaler are very persuasive Great fun to read Dahlia Lithwick, SlateAn essential readan entertaining book The book isn t only humorous, it s loaded with good ideas that financial service executives, policy makers, Wall Street mavens, and all savers can use John F Wasik, Boston GlobeAn engaging and insightful tour through the evidence that most human beings don t make decisions in the way often characterized in elementary economics textbooks, along with a rich array of suggestions for enabling many of us to make better choices, both for ourselves and for society The conceptual argument is powerful, and most of the authors suggestions are common sense at its best For that we should all applaud loudly Benjamin M Friedman, New York Times Book ReviewBy a nudge, Thaler and Sunstein mean a policy intervention into choice architecture that is easy and inexpensive to avoid and that alters people s behavior in a predictable way without forbidding any options or significantly changing an individual s economic incentives Thaler and Sunstein stress that if incentives and nudges replace requirements and bans, government will be both smaller andmodest George F Will, NewsweekSave the planet, save yourself Do gooders, policymakers, this one s for you Newsweek an excellent rendition of how human beings view choices and make decisions Gurumurthy Kalyanaram As important a book as I ve read in perhapsyears It is a book that people interested in any aspect of public policy should read It is a book that people interested in politics should read It is a book that people interested in ideas about human freedom should read It is a book that people interested in promoting human welfare should read Barry Schwartz, The American Prospect Nudge helps us understand our weaknesses, and suggests savvy ways to counter them Emily Bobrow, New York ObserverThis Poor Richard s Almanack for the st centuryshares both the sagacity and the witty and accessible style of its th century predecessor Benjamin Gregg, Law and Politics Book ReviewAs bookstore shelves fill up with works by parlor room thinkers who would entertain us with their economic nonsense, an entertaining book that also deeply informs could get lost in the shuffle That book is Nudge Thaler and Sunstein sattempt to deal with difficult issues is always stimulating Gene Epstein, Barron s One of this season s recommended page turners on economic, financial and political economic issues Entertaining, engaging, and well written Highly recommended ChoiceATop Seller in Business and Economics as compiled by YBP Library ServicesSelected as a finalist for theTIAA CREF Paul A Samuelson Award, given by the TIAA CREF InstituteNamed one of the best business books ofby The Financial TimesSilver medal winner of theBook of the Year Award in the category of Business In this utterly brilliant book, Thaler and Sunstein teach us how to steer people toward better health, sounder investments, and cleaner environments without depriving them of their inalienable right to make a mess of things if they want to The inventor of behavioral economics and one of the nation s best legal minds have produced the manifesto for a revolution in practice and policy Nudge won t nudge you it will knock you off your feet Daniel Gilbert, professor of psychology, Harvard University, Author of Stumbling on HappinessThis is an engaging, informative, and thoroughly delightful book Thaler and Sunstein provide important lessons for structuring social policies so that people still have complete choice over their own actions, but are gently nudged to do what is in their own best interests Well done Don Norman, Northwestern University, Author ofThe Design of Everyday Things andThe Design of Future ThingsThis book is terrific It will change the way you think, not only about the world around you and some of its bigger problems, but also about yourself Michael Lewis, author ofThe Blind Side Evolution of a Game andLiar s PokerRichard Thaler and Cass Sunstein s Nudge is a wonderful bookfun than any important book has a right to be and yet it is truly both Roger Lowenstein, author of When Genius FailedHow often do you read a book that is both important and amusing, both practical and deep This gem of a book presents the best idea that has come out of behavioral economics It is a must read for anyone who wants to see both our minds and our society working better It will improve your decisions and it will make the world a better place Daniel Kahneman, Princeton University, Nobel Laureate in EconomicsHugely influential choice architects are everywhere

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