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                        The New Digital Age: Reshaping the Future of People, Nations and Business (English Edition)
            The New Digital Age is a considered workIt shifts the debate about technology, elevating it from mundane arguments about the utility of dating apps to the wider issues of how technology interacts with power The EconomistThis is the most importantand fascinatingbook yet written about how the digital age will affect our world With vivid examples and brilliant analysis, it shows how the internet and other communications technologies will empower individuals and transform the way nations and businesses operate How will different societies make tradeoffs involving privacy, freedom, control, security, and the relationship between the physical and virtual worlds This realistic but deeply optimistic book provides the guideposts Its both profoundly wise and wondrously readable Walter Isaacson, author of Steve JobsEvery day, technological innovations are giving people around the world new opportunities to shape their own destinies In this fascinating book, Eric Schmidt and Jared Cohen draw upon their unique experiences to show us a future of rising incomes, growing participation, and a genuine sense of community if we make the right choices today Bill Clinton Eric Schmidt and Jared Cohen have produced a searching meditation on technology and world order Even those who disagree with some of their conclusions will learn much from this thought provoking volume Henry A KissingerThis is the book I have been waiting for a concise and persuasive description of technologys impact on war, peace, freedom, and diplomacy The New Digital Age is a guide to the future written by two experts who possess a profound understanding of humanitys altered prospects in a wireless world There are insights on every page and surprising conclusions and questions in every chapter For experts and casual readers alike, Eric Schmidt and Jared Cohen have produced an indispensable book Former U.S secretary of state Madeleine AlbrightJared Cohen and Eric Schmidt have written a brilliant book that should be required reading for anyone who wishes to understand the huge ramifications of the Age of Google not only for our lifestyles but,importantly, for our privacy, our democracy and our security If you already know about the law of photonics, data remanence, Stuxnet, Flame, DDoS attacks and CRASH the Clean Slate Design of Resilient, Adaptive, Secure Hosts then you can probably skip it If, like me, this is all news to you, you had better download The New Digital Age today The technoptimistic case will never besmartly argued Niall Ferguson, author of Civilization The West and the Rest The New Digital Age is must reading for anyone who wants to truly understand the depths of the digital revolution Combining the skills of a social scientist and a computer scientist, Schmidt and Cohen blend the technical and the human, the scientific and the political, in ways I rarely saw while in government They challenge the readers imagination on almost every page General Michael Hayden, former director of the CIAThis is a book that describes a technological revolution in the making How we navigate it is a challenge for countries, communities and citizens There are no two people better equipped to explain what it means than Eric Schmidt and Jared Cohen Tony BlairFew people in the world are doingto imagineand buildthe new digital age than Eric Schmidt and Jared Cohen With this book, they are looking into their crystal ball and inviting the world to peek in Michael R BloombergEric Schmidt and Jared Cohens thoughtful, well researched work elucidates the staggering impact of technology on our daily lives, as well as what surprising and incredible developments the future may hold Readers might be left withquestions than answers, but thats the ideawe are at our best when we ask Whats next Elon Musk, cofounder of Tesla Motors and PayPal The New Digital Age offers an intriguing fusion of ideas and insights about how the virtual world is intersecting with the Westphalian order It seeks a balance between the discontinuities of technologists revolutions and the traditionalism of internationalists study of states, power, and behavior The authors explain that technology is not a panacea, yet the uses of technology can make a world of difference This book should launch a valuable debate about the practical implications of this new connectivity for citizens and policy makers, societies and governments Robert B Zoellick, former president of the World Bank GroupWe have long needed an incisive study of how the ever evolving world of technology leaves almost no aspect of life unchanged We have it in The New Digital Age Eric Schmidt and Jared Cohen offer a rigorous approach to decoding what the future holds in a story that is as well written and entertaining as it is important General Brent Scowcroft, former National Security Advisor At last, a brilliant guide book for the next centurywhat the future holds for entrepreneurs, revolutionaries, politicians, and ordinary citizens alike Schmidt and Cohen offer a dazzling glimpse into how the new digital revolution is changing our lives This book is the most insightful exploration of our future world Ive ever read, and once I started reading I was simply unable to put it down Sir Richard Branson, founder and chairman, Virgin GroupThis brilliant book will make you re examineyour concepts of the digital age, the way the world works, what lies ahead, and what all this means for you, your family and your community A must read.Mohamed El Erian, chair, President Obamas Global Development CouncilThis work of futurology combines optimism and pessimism in an informed and level headed presentation BooklistAmbitious and fascinatingthis book is filled with tantalizing examples of futuristic goods and services Anna Kuchment, Scientific American Schmidt and Cohen encapsulate a vast sweep of ideas, including personal citizenship online and off, censorship of electronic information as national policy, and even what future revolutions will look like in years to comeA thoughtful and well balanced prognostication of what lies ahead Kirkus ReviewsThe must read book for anyone concerned about the present and the future except a few pages is really not what I expected about the digital age It s of a geopolitical analysis Il libro che ho richiesto stato spedito nei tempi e modi previsti, e il prodotto era in ottime condizioni Not much new in here I was hoping for incise insight but found very little before I abandoned the book

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