Nathan the Wise (Dover Thrift Editions) (English Edition) Prime –

Nathan the Wise (Dover Thrift Editions) (English Edition) good play good message but it took forever to get to the point. Read this for a class The story is okay but was really tedious to get through and I wasn t the only one in my class who felt that way Reading it once was good enough for me. A Jewish merchant, a Muslim sultan, and a young Templar knight transcend the differences in their faiths in this play s moving plea for religious tolerance and cooperation amongst Christians, Jews, and Muslims Set in Jerusalem during the Third Crusade, the Enlightenment era drama explores timeless considerations that range from the nature of God to the conflict between love and duty and the importance of unity amid division and diversityNathan the Wise Nathan der Weise was published in Germany in , although its performance was forbidden by the church during the lifetime of author Gotthold Ephraim Lessing The highly influential play had itspremiere in Berlin and has since been translated into many languages and adapted for performances around the world

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