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Любовь и пустота (Russian/English bilingual edition): Love and Void (English Edition) , Dashas childhood ends with a discovery that some sort of a curse is hanging over the women of her familyThey will live with that unrequited love, which would be a torture It will turn into their pain, obsession and sickness Time will not heal them Minutes and years would stretch to lengthen their sadness There will no escape from love Exhausted by that love, they will be seeking a way out There will be just one escape, just oneDasha is trying to find a way to stop the witchcraft She witnesses the wars, and the leaders who come and go, promising new horizons and tearing off the thin threads of hope Her sister Anna is suffering because of love and Dasha herself cannot escape her fate Is she able to beat the darkness Is she able to find happiness in the ocean of suffering and frustrationOlga Toprover was born in Russia, lived in Canada for a few years, but currently resides in Los Angeles Olga holds Master Degree in Computer Science from Moscow State University She is also a published media author Her scientific education and journalistic experience as well as living in different cities and countries formed her into the writer she is today Olga believes that true literature is about people Her stories, above all, are about us Besides creating amazing new worlds, Olga loves swing dancing, swimming in the ocean and spending time with her children Author s FB page

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