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Learn Spanish With Stories : Año Nuevo, Vida Nueva (Spanish Edition) Brian is a young man living in London who is very unhappy with his life and has made quite a few resolutions for the New Year, which is about to start he wants to lose weight, give up smoking, learn Spanish, change his job but, above all, he wants to forget Mara, his Spanish ex girlfriendAo Nuevo, Vida Nueva is a short story specially written for students at intermediate or upper intermediate level of SpanishLearn Spanish by ReadingThis book is carefully designed to help learners revise and consolidate key vocabulary and key grammar structures of intermediate or upper intermediate level of Spanish B by reading a naturally flowing textReading short stories like Ao Nuevo, Vida Nueva is one of the most effective and pleasant ways to learn a Foreign Language By reading, you can learn vocabulary and grammar structures in context, without memorising lists of isolated words or studying endless grammar rulesA story that you will actually want to readAo Nuevo, Vida Nueva is not just a book to learn Spanish it s also a good storyIt is not always easy to create a good story with the limited vocabulary and not too complex grammar learners of a Foreign Language require That is the main reason Foreign Language Graded Stories are sometimes disappointing The stories told are just too bland, fail to capture the attention of the learners, and do not keep their motivation until the end of the book because authors are constricted to using quite a narrow range of grammar points and vocabulary topicsHowever, I don t think Ao Nuevo, Vida Nueva will disappoint you I believe it is an interesting story that will catch your attention from the beginning and will keep you motivated till the end I wrote this story based on my experience living in London and teaching Spanish foryears The events and the characters I describe here are only the result of my imagination, but their fears, sadness, anger, frustrations, hopes, joys, and dreams are real they reflect some people I have met and some situations I have encountered during my teaching career in LondonIf you have ever dreamed of learning Spanish, you will enjoy reading this book

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