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Less is More: A Collection of Ten-Minute Plays (English Edition) Less is Moreis a collection of eight ten minute plays These tiny dramas speak to the necessity to say what is essential in a small number of words As Shakespeare said, Brevity is the soul of wit The first play, The Dissolution Mask,is by the well known playwright Nancy West The next two plays, Thanatos Calling and Leap for Life, are the first ten minute plays by David H Rosen and they speak to an area of his research involving suicidology The Tea Gown, by known writer Maura Conlon, is a moving ten minute play The two gripping plays, Baby Boomer Blues and Flip, were written by the dramaturge Martin Cohen The final two plays, True Blue and Sisters, are by an inspiring dramatist Eliza Roaring SpringsDavid H Rosen is the prolific author of fifteen books Similar to this one, he edited a recent volume with Carol Goodman titled Darkness Holding Light A Collection of Poems Other books by Dr Rosen include Transforming Depression Healing the Soul Through Creativityand The Tao of Elvis, both in their third editions He also authored The Healing Spirit of Haiku with Joel Weishaus, which is in its second edition

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