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Short Stories in Russian: New Penguin Parallel Text (Russian Edition) I have decided to update my review, having reached the end, because this book s problems are worse than just sloppy inaccuracies in the translations In relation to these, for example, the first story ends with a child going hunting with his grandfather and being told to go in front because you re young and very vulnerable However in the Russian, the child is young and very poisonous all part of the story Likewise, in the second story, a North facing window is translated as West facing The result is that one is left doubting the reliability of the translation throughout.However, it is even bewildering to the student of Russisn because evidently no one has bothered to proof read the Russian text It is littered with typos medal printed as pedal being one of the sillier ones and something happened when type setting it, as a result of which, plenty of words are inexplicably split in two This would be irritating for a native speaker but will leave the student completely lost.Avoid. A dual language edition of Russian storiesmany appearing in English for the first time This new volume of ten short stories offers studentsat all levels the opportunity to enjoy a wide range of contemporary literaturewithout constantly having to refer to a dictionary The storiesmany of which appear here in English for the first timeare bywell established writers like Vladimir Sorokin, Ludmila Ulitskaya, Sergey Lukyanenko,andLudmilla Petrushevskaya as well as emerging voices like Alexander Ilichevsky,Evgeny Grishkovets,and Yulya Kisina Drawn from the last two decades of theSoviet Union and the two decades following its collapse, they chart a period ofdramatic social change, often using metaphors of the body, and represent a rangeof literary styles that highlight the dynamism of contemporary Russian fiction Complete with notes, the stories make excellent reading in either languageNote For each short story in this eBook edition, the full English translation is followed by its original Russian text Good book The parallel text is not a direct word for word translation, but is very readable in English The Russian I am learning so cannot comment on the literary quality but it is of a standard that is fairly understandable, with some reference to the English, for a relative beginner, if not an absolute beginner Makes a change from grammar books.I recommend it. The translators, including editor Baer have done good work on the English language editions of these short stories However, missing stress markers is only one of several problems Especially in the Kindle, it does not work to put the Russian and English versions as complete stories following each other We want to study each sentence and word, so the stories have to be published paragraph by paragraph unless you can run two devices The editor states he has selected stories about arms and hands, which is a strange limitation of the riches of Russian literature It is not followed consistently either, the Beast story is rather about a defecating cat and to my mind the worst of a series of stories about endless misery and troubles I managed to read the Beast version in English, but no way I shall risk depression by struggling with this story in Russian I also disagree about the sequencing of the stories, where the Arm towards the end is easier reading than for instance the earlier Hands with page after page not separated into paragraphs This dense text really shows why a thematic choice is a bad way of choosing short stories for pedagogical purposes It is again both a difficult and a depressing story, about the executing of a dozen priests The first story in the book Don t panic , science fiction where a grandfather tells his grandson the story shows the kind of principles that work.The dictionary look up function is a great Kindle tool, but the Russian English dictionary that can be downloaded to the Kindle is quite inadequate So many words are missing, especially prefixed Russian verbs, that the program frequently wants to check with Wikipedia, and there these words are not indexed either I would rather put money into better dictionaries Great for higher level learning of the Russian language. This book was the perfect gift for a young Russian who is learning English which seems to be everyone under 30 years old. Great for side by side reading and checking translation Perfect for an in between beginner and intermediate skill level. Delivered as Promised Excellent and understandable translations Thank you for the book Great edition

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Is a well known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Short Stories in Russian: New Penguin Parallel Text (Russian Edition) book, this is one of the most wanted Brian James Baer author readers around the world.

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