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Discrimination and Disparities (English Edition) An enlarged edition of Thomas Sowells brilliant examination of the origins of economic disparities Economic and other outcomes differ vastly among individuals, groups, and nations Many explanations have been offered for the differences Some believe that those with less fortunate outcomes are victims of genetics Others believe that those who are less fortunate are victims of the fortunate Discrimination and Disparities gathers a wide array of empirical evidence to challenge the idea that different economic outcomes can be explained by any one factor, be it discrimination, exploitation, or genetics This revised and enlarged edition also analyzes the human consequences of the prevailing social vision of these disparities and the policies based on that vision from educational disasters to widespread crime and violence Presents the facts within their full context to explain why both the racial superiority narrative and the oppression narrative are wrong and dangerous Sowell writes with great clarity and presents facts and figures to support his arguments Reading Sowell one gets a clearer, broader and deeper perspective than what fashionable opinion and mainstream media push If only politicians listened to Sowell instead of the vested interests of the race industry we d all be better off living in a balanced society with policies determined by evidence. If you re liberal you will likely hate it If you re conservative you will likely love it If you can put your biases aside you will hopefully come to your own conclusion. This book could and should have been condensed into a 16 page pamphlet, it s that lightweight I also struggle to believe that Thomas Sowell actually wrote it well sober at least, and the editor should be shot for allowing this travesty of an extended essay to be published in its current form using so much wasted paper It reads like something written by averagely competent undergraduate student as a final year dissertation, or a really bad MSc dissertation I actually checked out the back page reviews to see if they bore any relation to the text I read The answer is NO The publishers have used quotes from reviews of Sowell s previous work and plastered them on the back of this pile of garbage.I m not prepared to waste too much of my time explain why this piece of work is so bad so I ll summarise as briefly as I can.1 The authors sets out a premise on page 1 that is repeated throughout the book which is clearly false, and then spends the rest of the book telling us why it s wrong.2 The author is cited as a philosopher and criticises other people s use of interpretation of statistics but I have spent over 30 years working with statistics in a scientific environment as well as teaching critical thinking to scientists and studying philosophy The entire book, but especially the first chapter, demonstrates a really poor understanding of both philosophy and statistics and the number of basic logical fallacies the writer makes runs into the dozens Non sequiturs are rife.3 Repeated assertions are made without citations and the text is replete with anecdote posing as evidence,4 Where citations are given they are either anecdotal in nature or invalid e.g newspaper articles or referencing someone else s book Neither of these is acceptable in what is reputedly a scholarly work Go find the original data and evaluate it, don t just take someone else s opinion of that study as true.5 There are virtually no references to recent studies.6 Points are repeated ad nauseum in new chapters just when I was expecting something new that might pique my interest.7 This book is so padded it could be used to upholster an entire three piece suite, to call it verbose is an understatement much of it is meaningless waffle.8 If you want to buy it, don t make the mistake I did and pay the full price for the hardback Wait until it s 1p second hand and then buy it but don t expect too much and make sure you don t waste thn 3 4 hours of your life reading it.

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