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Build Awesome Command-Line Applications in Ruby: Control Your Computer, Simplify Your Life Speak directly to your system With its simple commands, flags, and parameters, a well formed command line application is the quickest way to automate a backup, a build, or a deployment and simplify your life As Ruby pro David Copeland explains, writing a command line application that is self documenting, robust, adaptable and forever useful is easier than you might think Ruby is particularly suited to this task, since it combines high level abstractions with close to the metal system interaction wrapped up in a concise, readable syntax Moreover, Ruby has the support of a rich ecosystem of open source tools and libraries Ten insightful chapters each explain and demonstrate a command line best practice You ll see how to use these tools to elevate the lowliest automation script to a maintainable, polished application You ll learn how to use free, open source parsers to create user friendly command line interfaces as well as command suites You ll see how to use defaults to keep options simple for everyday users, while giving advanced users options for complex tasks There s no reason a command line application should lack documentation, whether it s part of a help command or a man page you ll find out when and how to use both Your journey from command line novice to pro ends with a look at valuable approaches to testing your apps, and includes some fun techniques for outside the box, colorful interfaces that will delight your users With Ruby, the command line is not dead Long live the command lineWhat You Need All you ll need is Ruby, and the ability to install a few gems along the way Examples written for Ruby , butshould work just as well

About the Author: David B. Copeland

David Copeland is a programmer and author He wrote The Senior Software Engineer and Build Awesome Command Line Applications in Ruby , and has over 16 years of professional development experience He s managed high performance, high traffic systems at LivingSocial, helped build the engineering team at Opower, and worked consulting gigs both large and small Currently, he s a lead engineer at fashion start up Stitch Fix, building a platform that will change the retail shopping experience.

10 thoughts on “Build Awesome Command-Line Applications in Ruby: Control Your Computer, Simplify Your Life

  1. Francisco Garcia Francisco Garcia says:

    The whole book is quite basic and if you are a seasoned Ruby developer, you might not learn too many things However I must admit that it covers all the minimum knowledge that any person doing a command line application must have Good if you want to solidify your knowledge of CLI programming, great if you are a beginner or expose yourself randomly to Ruby when doing small programs.

  2. Katherine Katherine says:

    It was an easy read because I am familiar with testing CLI apps The book discusses essential gems It feels like reading a long version of a README file If you have time for that, read this Otherwise, you re better off reading documentation of gli, ronn and a few other gems.

  3. Jose Lobato Jose Lobato says:

    A very nice read Simple and focus.I did not learn many things from this book, but I enjoyed reading it since it is well thought and executed.

  4. Gary Pickrell Gary Pickrell says:

    This book describes many non rby related issues in building a command line interface The structure of it is 1 Parse Library to use ParseOptions or GLI2 Creating Help This includes man page creation3 Suggestions for being piped.4 Flag usage and styles5 Configuring via yaml6 Creating a Gem for distribution7 Testing8 Add color and interativityI designed a command line suite with it and used Thor rather tha

  5. Nathan Campos Nathan Campos says:

    Great book if you are a beginner that is interested in building small, basic command line applications, but if you re a bit experienced with command line applications and looking for a book to expand your knowledge this isn t for you.

  6. Daniel Paulino Daniel Paulino says:

    If you re a looking for a introduction to how write CLI applications, it s really a good choice.It does not cover the tests parts very well, but explains the hard parts of tests like simulating changes in file system.

  7. Alpha Alpha says:

    3.5 5 Not a bad introduction to command line apps, and lots of good information sprinkled throughout, but it wasn t quite what I was expecting.

  8. Tommy Lau Tommy Lau says:

    Good entry book for building command line tool by Ruby

  9. Madhu Murali Madhu Murali says:

    Dont read unless you are into hardcore systems programming. Better books out there if you want to just learn ruby

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