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The Goldfinch It Begins With A Boy Theo Decker, A Thirteen Year Old New Yorker, Miraculously Survives An Accident That Kills His Mother Abandoned By His Father, Theo Is Taken In By The Family Of A Wealthy Friend Bewildered By His Strange New Home On Park Avenue, Disturbed By Schoolmates Who Don T Know How To Talk To Him, And Tormented Above All By His Unbearable Longing For His Mother, He Clings To One Thing That Reminds Him Of Her A Small, Mysteriously Captivating Painting That Ultimately Draws Theo Into The Underworld Of Art.As An Adult, Theo Moves Silkily Between The Drawing Rooms Of The Rich And The Dusty Labyrinth Of An Antiques Store Where He Works He Is Alienated And In Love And At The Center Of A Narrowing, Ever Dangerous Circle The Goldfinch Combines Vivid Characters, Mesmerizing Language, And Suspense, While Plumbing With A Philosopher S Calm The Deepest Mysteries Of Love, Identity, And Art It Is An Old Fashioned Story Of Loss And Obsession, Survival And Self Invention, And The Ruthless Machinations Of Fate.

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  1. Oriana Oriana says:

    So listen Look I am a READER, right I mean, I read all the time, everywhere, every day, a book a week But most of the time the book I m reading is a dull throb beneath my fingers, a soft hum behind my eyes, a lovely way to spend a bit of time in between things as I meander through my life You know It s something I adore, but softly, passively, and ofte

  2. Diane Diane says:

    Never have I been so conflicted about a book Parts of it I loved Parts of it I hated Sometimes I wanted to praise it Other times I wanted to abandon it I m relieved I ve finally finished this novel 771 pages Good grief because I can stop debating whether or not to keep reading it.It s difficult to talk about The Goldfinch without being spoiler y, bu

  3. Rick Rick says:

    I have not read Tartt s two previous, and by most accounts, superior novels In The Goldfinch you can see that the talent is there but something is drastically off in the storytelling The book drags and drags It exasperates with unnecessary detail that calls annoyed attention to a critical lack of credibility throughout The narrator is like one of those

  4. Jennie Menke Jennie Menke says:

    Audible OH MY GAWD Who ARE you people giving this 5 star raves I m not even half way yet and I m wondering if I will be able to weather this ridiculously long book that keeps getting sidetracked by just about every teenage pothole you can think of And can we talk about motherless orphans I ve lost track of how many motherless main characters are in this book How c

  5. Alan Wolk Alan Wolk says:

    The Goldfinch is a brilliant story with memorable characters and most of the book is incredibly well done and fun to read Most being the operative word.Tartt needed an editor to cut out a lot of the repetitive detail Like several other reviewers, I too found myself page skimming sometimes the detail is fascinating, oftentimes it s unnecessary and just slows down the s

  6. Peggy Peggy says:

    I, Boris, character in this book will give you honest opinion Very honest If you are reading this, asking yourself, should I read this book which is 771 pages Very heavy, not that The Idiot was not 656 pages, so not length I am afraid of If you are wondering, should I read I answer for you already and say no I am one of best things in book, at least not all the time moody

  7. Stephen King Stephen King says:

    Theo Decker s mother is killed in a bombing that rocks the Metropolitan Museum of Art Theo, unharmed, escapes with a valuable painting called The Goldfinch He carries this symbol of grief and loss from early adolescence into an adulthood fraught with danger and beset by addiction The long middle sequence, set in a housing development on the seedy, sand blown outskirts of Las

  8. Lisa Kelsey Lisa Kelsey says:

    As I read the reviews I am fascinated by the fact that I agree with aspects of many of them, whether they rate the book one, two, three, or even four stars Even the positive reviews point out the very many flaws I suppose it all comes down to what you are willing to tolerate in a novel I found Tartt s writing to be at times quite lovely, but I got the feeling she is a little too

  9. Chaima ✨ شيماء Chaima ✨ شيماء says:

    not to call myself out but I m at the point in my life where reading books before the movie comes out qualifies as being productive

  10. Gene Schmidt Gene Schmidt says:

    This was a huge disappointment for me The opening New York sections were excellent, the description of the museum bombing and the whole Mansfield Park thing Tartt has going with Theo and the Barbour family, all of this works beautifully I was excited to keep on reading to see where it all ended up, but once things move to Las Vegas the story takes a seriously wrong turn I seem to be a mi

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