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The Raven Boys (The Raven Cycle, #1) Read The Raven Boys The Raven Cycle, 1 Maggie Stiefvater Nature There Are Only Two Reasons A Non Seer Would See A Spirit On St Mark S Eve, Neeve Said Either You Re His True Love Or You Killed Him It Is Freezing In The Churchyard, Even Before The Dead Arrive.Every Year, Blue Sargent Stands Next To Her Clairvoyant Mother As The Soon To Be Dead Walk Past Blue Herself Never Sees Them Not Until This Year, When A Boy Emerges From The Dark And Speaks Directly To Her.His Name Is Gansey, And Blue Soon Discovers That He Is A Rich Student At Aglionby, The Local Private School Blue Has A Policy Of Staying Away From Aglionby Boys Known As Raven Boys, They Can Only Mean Trouble.But Blue Is Drawn To Gansey, In A Way She Can T Entirely Explain He Has It All Family Money, Good Looks, Devoted Friends But He S Looking For Much Than That He Is On A Quest That Has Encompassed Three Other Raven Boys Adam, The Scholarship Student Who Resents All The Privilege Around Him Ronan, The Fierce Soul Who Ranges From Anger To Despair And Noah, The Taciturn Watcher Of The Four, Who Notices Many Things But Says Very Little.For As Long As She Can Remember, Blue Has Been Warned That She Will Cause Her True Love To Die She Never Thought This Would Be A Problem But Now, As Her Life Becomes Caught Up In The Strange And Sinister World Of The Raven Boys, She S Not So Sure Any.From Maggie Stiefvater, The Bestselling And Acclaimed Author Of The Shiver Trilogy And The Scorpio Races, Comes A Spellbinding New Series Where The Inevitability Of Death And The Nature Of Love Lead Us To A Place We Ve Never Been Before.

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  1. Emily May Emily May says:

    Quirky loner girl meets privileged rich boy s Forbidden love and angst ensue.I seem to have this habit For the past couple of years, I ve mostly been deliberately avoiding paranormal YA from authors I don t already love The genre is a hard sell for me, filled with tropes that lead to low ratings and irritated reviews But really, what tends to happen is

  2. Jesse (JesseTheReader) Jesse (JesseTheReader) says:

    i m so glad i re read this before carrying on with the series there were so many things that i had forgotten SO MANY IMPORTANT THINGS plus it was fun to re read, because of all the foreshadowing SO MCUH FORESHADOWING I TELL YA i m reading the series as apart of the missmareadalong there is still time to join in if you want to read the raven cycle this month

  3. Zoë Zoë says:

    Reread in 2017 I loved it so muchthe second time Every character was unique and fleshed out and I fell in love with them all Well, most of them Can t wait to pick up The Dream Thieves Book 34 100 of 2015 I really enjoyed this I came into this book not knowing anything about the plot, just that there were some weirdly named kids and something about...

  4. Nat Nat says:

    She wasn t interested in telling other people s futures She was interested in going out and finding her own This review contains spoilers.I went into this book expecting to hate it, but I was truly surprised by it right from page 1.I read the prologue before I went to bed and I had to convince myself to put it down because I knew if I wouldn t, I...

  5. Melissa ♥ Dog Lover ♥ Martin Melissa ♥ Dog Lover ♥ Martin says:

    Reread on audio I didn t care much for the audio but still love the book MY BLOG Melissa Martin s Reading ListI absolutely loved this book But, here s the thing, I didn t know what was going on through half of the book and I m still a little up in the air with what all they were doing I just know that I FREAKING LOVED IT AND CAN T WAIT FOR MORE YEAH I M A LITTLE CRAZY

  6. Kai Kai says:

    A TV SHOW A TV SHOW It s going to be directed by Catherine Hardwick, the woman who directed Twilight and Red Riding Hood I know some of you think she may not be the best choice but I think she s perfect She has a talent for mystery and magic, and if you aren t convinced you should watch Eyewitness, which is a fantastic and highly underrated TV show Catherine directed a cou

  7. Wendy Darling Wendy Darling says:

    On a cold night every spring, sixteen year old Blue and her psychic mother wait in a churchyard for the dead to arrive Her mother is usually the one who sees the spirits of people who will die within the next twelve months, but this year, Blue herself is startled by the sad, desperate sight of a boy named Gansey falling to his knees before herThere are only two reasons a non s

  8. Raeleen Lemay Raeleen Lemay says:

    OK SO THIS BOOK WAS PRETTY GREAT.The book was very slow moving for the first half or so, but I always found myself drawn in by the beautiful writing and the fabulous characters This story is first and foremost about the characters, and I completely adored the friendship between the boys, and between Blue and the boys later on Going into this, I thought it was going to be told sole

  9. Jessica Edwards Jessica Edwards says:

    4 Stars What an enjoyable read this was.Blue, a teenage girl lives in a house full of psychic aunts and her mother Ever since Blue was little, she was told that her true love will die if she kisses him That s one way to scare a little childshit Blue goes to church with her Aunt Neeve on St Mark s Eve, which is when the spirits of those who will die in the next twelve months come throu

  10. Riley Riley says:

    Easily the best book I ve read all year I ve never read a book before where I love every single character equally Blue she is everything i aspire to be and i just want to be bffs with herGansey yes plz Ronan he s so scary and angry but you just know he secretly love...

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